Affirmations - Master Formula for success

Master Formula for success

I am sure of one thing that once in a life everyone of us many times heard that what you think you becomes or what you are today is result of your thinking. Basically what we are today is due to our image in our subconscious. Our all the actions, habits, feelings, emotions, thinking style, even very basis and little things are directly associated with our subconscious. Our own image in terms of our habits, feeling, emotions, action are in subconscious and therefore we work according to that only. During day to day activity or any other difficult situation our response is according to memory lies in the subconscious. That’s way we cannot act or work differently from the way we are acting. We act or work according to this internal programming of subconscious and act accordingly. Subconscious does not distinguish between right or wrong, Bad or good whatever is programmed, we work according to that only.
Somehow if we can change this subconscious programming then we can act differently. Affirmations or Telephoto forms are used to change this subconscious programming. These affirmations or telephoto forms when drawl or recite with full faith and confidence regularly and continuously then our subconscious became bound to accept them and things change magically and very soon they come true. You can very easily change your habits, emotions and feelings even you can change the outcome of life events and turn them in your favor and surprise others. This whole process is divided into two mains parts first one is go or attain the desired level of alternate mind and second one is Affirmation or master formula.
Master formula is basically words arrange logically and orderly to form a sentence, which clearly signifies the desire. These are simple sentences forms by using simple words. These sentences look like any ordinary one but while forming them certain rules or some important points are always consider. Like, in every master formula we always avoid the use of words such as not, none, never and similar words. These are negative words and give negative impact to our believe system. While forming the master formula to give up the smoking habit always use words such as
“ I give up the smoking habit for ever for ever or became free from habit of smoking for
whole of my life”
Words and sentences of master formula should be real and complete so that they should be easily visualize. Master formula should also be formed for the attainment of things or fulfillment of our desires. What we recite through master formula is bound to come true, if a master formula is form for the attainment of CAR then it should be as much as concise and specific, you will get the car but it might also happen that you get the car other than as desire by you. So you must always specify your desire clearly while forming the master formula. Master formula awakes your believe system and intense desire rises in you for the attainment of your desire. Your master formula not even aids your believe system but it can also communicate your inner voice to higher powers. These higher powers works magically they does not distinguish between bad or god. For them everything is fine nothing is good, nothing is bad so some unwanted incident might also happen therefore always include words such as happiness, satisfaction, harmony in your master formula.
Master formula works magically. More specifically the phenomena behind the master formula is scientific and logical rather than philosophical or superstition. It has very simple principles. It increases your burning desire and now you really work for the attainment of your desire. It magically changes your thinking. Things which earlier seems to you and others, difficult for you now become easy for you. You automatically gain the required confidence. Things became wonderful when you find others also starts showing the confidence in you. Your thinking your action all starts changing. The people, circumstances, situation involve all turns in your favor and it seems to you that a miracle is happening. You will surprise all the people involved. It is a great thing to learn and apply in the life. If you want to take the course of your life in your hand and do not want to be victim of circumstances then use this master formula approach in your life.


             Through the ancient Indian, Egyptian, Chaldean Assyrians, Tibetans and Chinese sages and Philosophers knew about the power of thought vibrations, they could not possibly explain them in the light of modern scientific investigation. But one thing they recognized clearly and openly and it is that of all the different types of vibrations mental vibrations are the most powerful. The reason why an ordinary person cannot utilize the full potentiality of though power is very simple .He does not know how to concentrate his mental energy and direct it in an orderly manner. The sun rays feel warm and pleasant during winter. But when you concentrate them through convex lenses into a beam and let it fall on a piece of paper, it immediately bursts into flames. Similarly when these thought waves which are emanating in different direction are forced to single point then miracles can be done. You can do anything very easily which seems others very difficult. But very few people are able to develop this type of power and no doubt they are wonderful person.
      Developing these types of power or single pointed concentration is not miracle rather it can be develop by the practice. As you practice the different techniques of mind control and as you gain mastery over them you will very easily monitor the different changes in yourself.  Meditation, Yoga and   breath control are different techniques in which you directly connect with your mind and body and control them. As you practice them sincerely you will find that your level of concentration increases. Practice sincerely and regularly at least one hour a day can make you one level above the remaining

     Meditation is very useful in achieving this single pointed concentration but first we have to prepare for this meditation because there are greater chances to lost in thought world as it is very deep. We should start out journey by technique such as gaze fixation by which we can directly or force fully connects with our mind. This is great technique to learn. By this technique we can learn how to blank our mind. After that relaxation and psychic breathing are also two great techniques to learn and practice. As you advance in these technique, you gain extreme control over your mind and body. You will became the power and gain confidence and courage to achieve anything in your life     

Sacral chakra cleaning and balancing

Sacral Chakra

Sacral chakra is located below the umbilicus. This chakra is the center of sexual energy. In Hindu spirituality, sacral chakra is imagine as a lotus flower having the six leaves.  This chakra is related to legs, reproductive glands and organs and therefore affects the working of these body parts and related parts. Unstable and week sacral chakra put you in following problems

Losses due to impaired Sacral Chakra:-
 In the event of chakra disorder, the following diseases occurs
1.      Urine related diseases
2.      Intestine diseases
3.      Difficulties in Reproduction
4.      Fatigue and laziness
5.      Day dreaming
6.      Constipation
7.      Sex related problems   
8.      Pain in leg and back
All chakras are considered to have the shape of lotus flower. Here it is assume that sacral chakra have the shape of lotus flower having the six leaves. Sacral chakra is of orange colour
                                              Related image
                                                            Sacral Chakra
Unbalance Sacral Chakra makes the life miserable and end the joy of life.  These chakras takes energy from the higher energy sources and distribute to associated glands and body parts. If these chakras became overactive or imbalance then the work of energy distribution hampers as a result problem or disease associated to particular gland or body part occurs. You can very easily know the health of your chakras with the help of chakra pendulum. When Chakra pendulum is put above any chakra then pendulum rotates clockwise, anticlockwise or zigzag. Anticlockwise and clockwise motion represents the energy exhalation and energy inhalation while zig-zag motion represents that there is energy imbalance in the chakras either chakra is closed or over active. Energy imbalances in the chakras should be stopped and we should take proper care regarding this. There are many methods by which you can very easily energize your chakras and rectify the problem of energy imbalance. Some techniques are so much powerful that you can see the results instantaneously.
We should add such exercise or yoga in our daily routine which energize and balances our chakras system. Any type of physical activity directly or indirectly affects our chakras even our sitting postures also put pressure on our chakras. Well all the yoga postures which involve the stretching of legs and bending in stomach, stimulates our sacral chakra.  While standing and do your body backward and fourth also stimulates our sacral chakra  
Energy healing is also very helpful in energizing as well to balance the chakra. We can invite light red and light green energy to repair sacral chakra. The process is very simple but do it under the guidance of some expert only but if no guidance is available and still you want to do it then invite only the white energy. White energy is safest to use.
While sitting in privacy visualize that light red and light green energies are entering into your sacral chakra and in the same time also visualize that extra energy of sacral chakra is going out of your chakra through your hands. For detailed procedure you can contact us or mail us at
These chakras have magical effect on our body if we keep our chakras in good and well condition then not only we became  healthy but also enjoy our life fullest. For a good and satisfying life our chakras must be balance

Energizing The Root Chakra

Root Chakra

Body chakras or more specifically energy chakras are center of spiritual and life energies. They distribute energy to both mind and body after collecting from higher energy sources. These chakras have great influence on our physical, mental and spiritual life. For a happy and prosperous life our all chakras must be strong, balance and energetic i.e. every men should have knowledge about these chakras.  These chakras works on extremely low frequency and it is not possible to see them from eyes.  Physically they are interrelated to bunch of veins in our spinal cord or back bone. Basically Chakras are in Sushmana which is inside our spinal chord. Sushmana is like a long transmitting medium on which bunch of veins emerges and are called as Chakras. When we concentrate our energy and flow them through these veins then these chakras became active
The energy of every chakra impact on associated gland and part of the body. There are basically 7 chakras but some scholars can’t count crown and third eye as chakra and only consider remaining five as chakras. The first chakra is root chakra which is Located between anus and genital area and have the red colour.
Harm due to damage root chakra
 Following diseases may be rises due to inactive and week root chakra
1.      Diseases of spine
2.      Arthritis
3.      Diseases of Blood and Allergy
4.      Late repairment of bones and wounds
5.      Under develop  body parts
6.      Low energy level
7.      Problems related to Sex
8.      Insomnia, Stress, heart and head disease
9.      Problem related to skin
10.  Tendency of suicide
11.  Violence, selfishness and self centered
12.  Difficulty in attaining  good health and and growth of body
 Benefits of concentration on root Chakra
1.      Strengthen the spinal chord
2.      Purification of Blood
3.      Maintains the temperature of the body
4.      Increases the energy level
5.      Gives strength to Heart and sex organs
6.      Gives strength to legs
7.      Creates awareness regarding the food, sleep and self defense.
8.      Motivates regarding the life events
9.      Became free from anger, desires and greediness if concentrated on the chakra

Shape of Root Chakra
Root Chakra is located between anus and genital area. It is shown in fig below and compare to lotus flower which have four leaves of red colour.

                                                                    Root Charka

Different methods of energizing root chakra
Chakras are basically centre of energy and energy imbalance are risen in them by two ways either there is excess or depletion of energy. In yoga there are many methods by which you can energize your chakras so that they became strong, energetic and powerful.  If there is excess energy in any chakra then energy is provided to just one  chakra above that chakra and in this way energy balance is achieve. Two most simple method for energizing the root chakra are given below

1.      Stand on floor having some suitable distance between both the legs.  Slowly slowly move you buttock in downward direction as you are  going to sit on a chair. Go in downward direction as much as you can and then return back. Do it 3 to 4 times.


2.      There is saying in yoga that energy follows thought. You can send energy to any organ by just concentrating on that particular organ. For energizing as well as repairmemt of Chakras by energy, this method is widely used. Energies are of different colours   like white, light green, light blue, light red and light violet. We can use single energy or combinations of energies for energizing our chakras. For Root Chakra we can use light green and light red color energies. Choose any lonely place and sit in any comfortable position and  visualize that light green and light red colours vibration are entering  in the root chakras  and excess energy is going  to earth through  hands. This exercise is very simple but  it is advisable to do such activity in guidance of any expert but in lack of any guidance and still you want to try then you can use only white energy. Visualize that white energy is entering into your root chakra and your root chakra is becoming strong, powerful and energetic and excess energy is going to earth through your hands. There are certain criteria for selection for energies but in any position and condition white energy is safest to use

Week root chakras may be energize by using any of these two techniques. Anyone can use it and make his life beautiful and pleasant

Energy Chakra’s and their relations to the glands

                  Energy Chakra’s and their relations to the glands 

Hindu, chines and some ancient civilization agreed upon the existence of different types of energy points in our body. These energy points are further classified according to their shape, size and position. There are differences among the scholars regarding the no’s of major energy points.  These energy points are called chakras. In spirituality they play a major role and consider responsible for personality and characteristics of a persons. All the illness and diseases enters in the body through these chakras. So all the chakras must be balance and stable for disease free life. These body chakras are interrelated to different gland of our body and these glands have a marvelous effect on our body. These glands make different types of chemical which is known as hormones. These hormones help in the development of personality.  There are two types of glands one is called Extrocrine glands and other one is called endocrines gland.  The main works of the hormones developed by these glands are to stabilize mind and body, protection against diseases and to form the personality. Some main glands are
1.      Pineal gland:- Pineal gland is one of the most important gland. Pineal gland with the help of pituitary gland controls other glands. It is situated in upper most part of the head and related to the crown chakra. Crown chakra is also considered as higher level of consciousness. His shape is similar to the core of mango having a red colour

2.      Pituitary gland: - Pituitary gland is also in head and below the Pineal gland. This gland has two lobes which are called anterior and posterior lobes. This gland also regulates other glands and balances them. This gland makes or generates 9 different types of hormones. This gland directly influences height, colour, water level and reproductively. This gland is related to master chakras

3.      Thyroid & Parathyroid gland:-This gland is in neck and makes a thyracine hormone which makes our body as well as our mind healthy. Mental conditions such as tear, fear, sadness, intrude the working of this gland as result health is affected whereas parathyroid gland generates the parathome hormone which balances the calcium & Phosphorus in the body. This gland is behind the Thyroid gland 

4.      Thymus gland: - This gland is near the heart and in middle of the lungs. This gland remains up to the age of 15 years and vanishes thereafter. The main function of this gland is the formation of white count in blood and also responsible for the development of the body

5.      Pancreas gland:- This gland generates the insulin whose main work is to regulate the sugar in the blood

6.      Adrenal gland:-There are two adrenal gland above our two kidneys. These generate five different types of hormones having very specific work.

7.      Ovary and testies glands:-ovary gland founds only in women. The main work of this gland is to control the menstruation cycle in the woman and also helps in pregnancy. Whereas testis gland are found in men only  and controls the sperm

In yoga these different glands are inter related to body chakras as

Pineal gland-                                             Crown chakra
Pituitary gland-                                          Third eye chakra
Thyroid & Parathyroid gland-                  Throat chakra
Thymus gland -                                          Heart Chakra
Pancreas gland -                                        Solar Plexus Chakra
Adrenal gland   -                                        sacral chakra
Ovary and testies glands    -                     Root Chakra

These all chakras have a magical effect on our body. These glands or so called chakra’s does not have any direct control on  the body’s  functions but however hormones generated by them is held responsible for the overall personality of the person. They are not doing work such as our mind, heart, Lungs, lever or intestine etc are doing and also people became sick and even dead if any of these main working organ stops. The different chemicals generated by these glands stabilize our  different organs  and also balances our  mind and body. The generation and formation of these hormones are essential for good mental and physical health therefore these chakras must be balance, curvy and powerful. Unbalance and week chakras make us sick so therefore it is essential to energies our chakras to have a disease free life. Basically these chakra directly show the energy level of our body and if there is any energy leakage in our chakars then it must directly reflects in our life. We can cure many of our illness directly by making our chakra’s balance and powerful. We should work on chakras for good and healthy life. 

Different stages of Life

Seven Different bodies of human beings

Humans are one of the most wonderful and complex creature of the world. If you want to understand this creature then different bodies associated with different stages of his life should be understand first. Every man is different from other in Characteristics, nature and Personality etc. You will always ask a question from your own self and from others too how some people are enjoying their life lavishly while  others are  reading books of spirituality in the privacy of their room or When you try to illustrate the importance and greatness of spirituality to one of your friend then why  he neglect it totally . The answer to these question and many more similar question lies in the understanding of different bodies of human being which are develop with the time and with their own efforts. The interest, habit and personality very much depends upon these different bodies of a person. If you have the good understanding of these bodies then you can very easily predict the nature and personality of a person by only knowing him very little. Nobody is able to make you fool or even cheat you.  There is deep relation between our own personality and the stages of body in which we are. When we are in one particular body then our overall personality is different from the body in which we are earlier. When we saw someone then very small part of his personality is seen to us while the major part remains hidden or the body which we are seeing is the outermost and other important bodies are behind it. By the knowledge of these different types of bodies you can very easily know the truthfulness of any individual irrespective of how good is he showing to you

Physical Body: - Physical body forms up to 7 years after the birth of child and it must be completely formed during this period. During this period human beings are similar to animals because in animals only physical body forms and they don’t have other important remaining bodies. But there are some humans also whose only physical body forms and there further development stops there only. These types of people have the habit of copying others. This person lives the life similar to animals and dies thereafter.
Etheric body: - From 7 to 14 years etheric body or more specifically emotional body forms. Now feelings are raised in the child. He feels love and affection for his desire ones. After the formation of etheric body a tendency of human being is created and now a human thinks themselves to be superior to animals. Sexual feelings are also aroused in them as soon as they reach the 14 years of age. Feelings always dominant them therefore they live the life under the dominance of others and live accordingly irrespective of right or wrong.  However there are some humans also whose only etheric body forms and their further progress stops there only. They remain 14 years for their rest of life and they can’t further progress..

Astral body:- In this body mind, reasoning & thought power  develops. This body forms up to the age of 21 year of age. These people can do thinking and clearly understand the profit and loss for their any action. They work according to their intelligence and a thought develops in them. It is hard to influence Astral body humans because they have their own thought & thinking. They are always influence by the people who have similar thoughts as they have.  
Mental body:-In astral body thought dominants, while in mental body emotions dominants. Now human enters into the emotional world from the thought world. In this body humans  gain the ability of imagination i.e he plunges deep into this emotional world. Initially a thought only influences him but can’t change him but here emotionalize imagination can change him. In this body people became art lover according to thoughts and emotions different hobbies and qualities awakes in them. Spiritual powers like telepathy, clairvoyance, Hypnosis all are possibility of this body. kundali power is also awaken in this body or during this stage. But this mental body stage is very dangerous and here we have to be alert to avoid any problem. In this body humans can do imagination & it may be realistic or imaginary. Few people are able to develop their mental body. Emotional world is very deep .

Spiritual body: - Spiritual body forms after the formation of mental body. In this body soul can be experience 

Cosmic Body:-Sixth body is called the cosmic body and only those can awakes it who is ready to lost the experience of soul achieve in the fifth body.

Body less body:-In this body only consciousness remains and body became secondary. In this stage existence of body is lost. Budda said this stage as a nirvana. Great yogis attain this stage. In this stage body became perished but still there is consciousness.

Visualization or The law of attraction


Long back during the Stone Age men lived in caves in forest and wholly depends on nature for his daily needs. He lived in forest with other animals and termed as troglodyte or as animal.
This troglodyte has progress tremendously within his others companions while some of his companion vanishes from the screen. This troglodyte latter know as men and Surely he  is gifted with some extra quality due to which he not only survive in that difficult situation but also forms civilization and progress tremendously. In that difficult situations men not even protect himself but also forms civilization. Similar to modern age men different feelings aroused in him also which he had exhibited through pictures. He draw picture relating to hunting, weapons, animals, moon, sun etc. What he saw or feel like to express through the pictures. When he gain the ability to talk or after the development of language he starts to express his feeling through words.  But this ability to express his feelings through words is similar to expressing his feeling through pictures with only difference that earlier he used to draw picture on wall while now picture is already associated with every word. When a particular word is uttered then instantly a picture related to that particular word flashes on our mind and disappears. This process is so much fast and automatic that we never realize it. And a feeling associated with the particular word aroused in our heart. When someone narrate us any incident then very soon we begin to feel the feeling lies in that incident and series of  pictures projected on our mental screen. Men has the ability to think and this thinking happens only in pictures.  Men is gifted with many qualities but this quality of projection of images on his mental screen is unique. Due to this quality alone men emerge above the animal and dominated entire age. Before killing the animal he first picture his weapon in his mind then only he gave it right shape and size and kill animals. Due to this quality alone men has attain progress tremendously. For every problem he unconsciously design blue print in his mind and then nature and his believe power very soon realizes it. This is one of the unique quality with which men is gifted but it remains in underdeveloped stage. i.e. millions of year have been spent for the realization of today’s world. Realization of blue print in outer world comes true sooner or latter. Thats why it is said that what you conceive and believe one day comes true. Men also has one more quality or ability similar to above one. He can also through picture of his choice on his mental screen. This peculiar quality of men to through picture of his choice on his mental screen is called visualization. So visualization is the process of through pictures of your choice on your mental screen.
                  Though think in pictures is involuntary or automatic. whereas visualization is throwing deliberately or intentionally pictures of your choice on the mental screen. It is fact that whatever a man conceives and believes, he ultimately achieves.  when we concentrate our thought-power and consciously visualize what we desire, and charge it or animate it with the emotional power of faith or enthusiasm or both, we set up such powerful vibrations,  that the materialization of our desire becomes a certainty
             So for the achievement of our desires we must have the power to visualize as clearly and as vividly as possible. As already pointed out each one of us has inherently the power to visualize because it is human nature to think in pictures. However, it is not easy for the average person to concentrate, to say holding of picture on a mental plane for any length of time. When one tries to do so, he generally finds that thoughts, ideas, fantasies and flow thought scattered and stray thinking creates a jumbled mass confusion inhibiting the making of a clear and dynamic picture of one’s desire.

But you will be an entirely different person if you have faithfully practiced the Psychic breathing and relaxation techniques describe earlier vital steps for single-pointed concentration. By this two methods the power of concentration to very large extent is develop. But you must be able to visualize your desire picture and hold that picture on your mental screen for some time without letting it fade out or get blurred. To accomplish this, it is vital that you should know the technique of Dynamic Visualization and practice it. Very soon you gain the ability to concentrate to a very large extend and then whatever you throw on your metal plane automatically attracted towards you. Be it anything, any desire but not violating the laws of nature comes true very soon