Enjoy with Spirituality

Once while reading a book I find a logic that god is ready to give you everything which you always wanted but he has locked them and it is now up to you to make a key and get them. Making a key is great task and many people fails in it because making a key requires your hard work, determination, focus, planning, as well as favored circumstances & luck. If anyone of these is missing then success becomes uncertain. Making a success key means all these ingredients must be there. There is no school available which teaches, you how to prepare this key of success. It only prepare you for the available opportunity, it makes you hard worker or good planner but what about luck & favored circumstances because they are also equally important for the achievement of success. If any of the ingredients is missing then success becomes uncertain. It is not possible to achieve success only by hard work or intelligence or luck. Success in any examination, project or work depends upon many things…

Affirmations Master Formula for success

Affirmations   Master Formula for success

I am sure of one thing that once in a life everyone of us many times heard that what you think you becomes or what you are today is result of your thinking. Basically what we are today is due to our image in our subconscious. Our all the actions, habits, feelings, emotions, thinking style, even very basis and little things are directly associated with our subconscious. Our own image in terms of our habits, feeling, emotions, action are in subconscious and therefore we work according to that only. During day to day activity or any other difficult situation our response is according to memory lies in the subconscious. That’s way we cannot act or work differently from the way we are acting. We act or work according to this internal programming of subconscious and act accordingly. Subconscious does not distinguish between right or wrong, Bad or good whatever is programmed, we work according to that only. Somehow if we can change this subconscious pr…


The power of concentrated Thought
There is no doubt that thoughts  have far reaching effects but the depth or intensity of their power to create and brings about changes depends directly upon the strength and frequency of their vibration and the degree of emotional tone with which they are charged. Man with ordinary level of Concentration power cannot give any proof of concentrated thought power, But if you raise your concentration, which can be achieve with very less effort u can very easily give proof to not only yourself but others too regarding the concentrated thought power which can bring about changes. Mind is a Centre of mental energy. We can compare it with electrical forces which when concentrated at one point can melt a hole through a thick steel plate .If mental energy is divided into several thoughts it effectiveness is greatly diminished. Once the single pointedness of the mind is achieved. Then he no longer remains confined to the haphazard and futile efforts of the avera…

Sacral chakra cleaning and balancing

Sacral Chakra
Sacral chakra is located below the umbilicus. This chakra is the center of sexual energy. In Hindu spirituality, sacral chakra is imagine as a lotus flower having the six leaves.  This chakra is related to legs, reproductive glands and organs and therefore affects the working of these body parts and related parts. Unstable and week sacral chakra put you in following problems
Losses due to impaired Sacral Chakra:- In the event of chakra disorder, the following diseases occurs 1.Urine related diseases 2.Intestine diseases 3.Difficulties in Reproduction 4.Fatigue and laziness 5.Day dreaming 6.Constipation 7.Sex related problems    8.Pain in leg and back All chakras are considered to have the shape of lotus flower. Here it is assume that sacral chakra have the shape of lotus flower having the six leaves. Sacral chakra is of orange colour

Energizing The Root Chakra

Root Chakra
Body chakras or more specifically energy chakras are center of spiritual and life energies. They distribute energy to both mind and body after collecting from higher energy sources. These chakras have great influence on our physical, mental and spiritual life. For a happy and prosperous life our all chakras must be strong, balance and energetic i.e. every men should have knowledge about these chakras.  These chakras works on extremely low frequency and it is not possible to see them from eyes.  Physically they are interrelated to bunch of veins in our spinal cord or back bone. Basically Chakras are in Sushmana which is inside our spinal chord. Sushmana is like a long transmitting medium on which bunch of veins emerges and are called as Chakras. When we concentrate our energy and flow them through these veins then these chakras became active The energy of every chakra impact on associated gland and part of the body. There are basically 7 chakras but some scholars can’t count…

Energy Chakra’s and their relations to the glands

Energy Chakra’s and their relations to the glandsHindu, chines and some ancient civilization agreed upon the existence of different types of energy points in our body. These energy points are further classified according to their shape, size and position. There are differences among the scholars regarding the no’s of major energy points.  These energy points are called chakras. In spirituality they play a major role and consider responsible for personality and characteristics of a persons. All the illness and diseases enters in the body through these chakras. So all the chakras must be balance and stable for disease free life. These body chakras are interrelated to different gland of our body and these glands have a marvelous effect on our body. These glands make different types of chemical which is known as hormones. These hormones help in the development of personality.  There are two types of glands one is called Extrocrine glands and other one is called endocrine…

Different stages of Life

Seven Different bodies of human beings
Humans are one of the most wonderful and complex creature of the world. If you want to understand this creature then different bodies associated with different stages of his life should be understand first. Every man is different from other in Characteristics, nature and Personality etc. You will always ask a question from your own self and from others too how some people are enjoying their life lavishly while  others are  reading books of spirituality in the privacy of their room or When you try to illustrate the importance and greatness of spirituality to one of your friend then why  he neglect it totally . The answer to these question and many more similar question lies in the understanding of different bodies of human being which are develop with the time and with their own efforts. The interest, habit and personality very much depends upon these different bodies of a person. If you have the good understanding of these bodies then you can very…

Visualization or The law of attraction

Long back during the Stone Age men lived in caves in forest and wholly depends on nature for his daily needs. He lived in forest with other animals and termed as troglodyte or as animal. This troglodyte has progress tremendously within his others companions while some of his companion vanishes from the screen. This troglodyte latter know as men and Surely he  is gifted with some extra quality due to which he not only survive in that difficult situation but also forms civilization and progress tremendously. In that difficult situations men not even protect himself but also forms civilization. Similar to modern age men different feelings aroused in him also which he had exhibited through pictures. He draw picture relating to hunting, weapons, animals, moon, sun etc. What he saw or feel like to express through the pictures. When he gain the ability to talk or after the development of language he starts to express his feeling through words.  But this ability to express his feelings through…

Hypnosis And Magnetic Eye

 Hypnosis And Magnetic Eye
You can very easily develop magnetic eye with the help of Gaze fixation. The magnetic eye not only gives one supreme command on others but also opens the door to psychic abilities .The reader should also note that psychic ability does not require that one has super intelligence or have a higher IQ or have a super natural powers, once psychic abilities are develop you can very easily attain all these. The only thing which it demands is that One must go on working seriously and faithfully with great perseverance and tenacity till he attains it. You cannot develop or acquired it within a week or two. There are, of course, persons who have natural aptitude for it and they are able to develop it very early or within no time, while there are others who take some time to do so. A very effective way to develop magnetic eye and to stimulate the functioning of the ‘third eye’ or the sixth sense is the practice of gazing. Apart from the above benefits the practice of ga…

How to develop Hypnosis power

Hypnosis for the better life Generally throughout our waking hours we keep out mind locked with external object with sights sounds smells tactile experience and tastes. And as the objects are always changing, they continue to stir and agitate the mind with their ever changing shapes, forms and qualities. The mind also moves ceaselessly with them .The result is that it is never still. It continuously flits from one object to another. Because of this continuous interlocking with the external objects the mind becomes so conditioned that it always keeps on moving. Even when we are not thinking or actively engaged with the agitation caused by the external experience, the mental machine still goes on running idly in the form of fantasy, day dreaming or confused or stray thinking. And when we try to concentrate on one thing or think about a particular idea or thought we find that a thousand irrelevant thoughts and ideas distract the attention and try to fade through the stream of consciousnes…