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Once while reading a book I find a logic that god is ready to give you everything which you always wanted but he has locked them and it is now up to you to make a key and get them. Making a key is great task and many people fails in it because making a key requires your hard work, determination, focus, planning, as well as favored circumstances & luck. If anyone of these is missing then success becomes uncertain. Making a success key means all these ingredients must be there. There is no school available which teaches, you how to prepare this key of success. It only prepare you for the available opportunity, it makes you hard worker or good planner but what about luck & favored circumstances because they are also equally important for the achievement of success. If any of the ingredients is missing then success becomes uncertain.
    It is not possible to achieve success only by hard work or intelligence or luck. Success in any examination, project or work depends upon many things. I have heard many times that someone works hard for the exam but not get success up to his expectations. Despite your hard work, good planning or focus approach you cannot get as much as you deserve. These people do not know how to make the success key .Success key needs hard work which is in your hand and on the other hand it also needs favored circumstances & luck which you cannot directly control.  That’s why achieving success in any work   is little bit difficult. But you can also   find that some people having ordinary qualities have extraordinary success. They are not so much genius, laborious, focus, lucky   but they are termed as successful or have success in many of their works which they takes in their hands. They very easily prepared success key and unlock their desires.  They knowingly or unknowingly controls luck and make the circumstances in their favor. They knew the secret of molding the circumstances and tune every situation in their fovour and things happen so naturally that anybody never find that basically they have created this situation.
You have heard about many places, temples etc. regarding which it is said that if we make a wish at that place then very soon that particular wish comes true. Such type of things astonishes us but it is true. You believe it or not but it is true, People believes that these places have extraordinary powers. If we worship there with full faith for the achievement of any desire then our desire latter or sooner comes true. The religious faith in people regarding these places drives them towards these places and more importantly due to their faith these powers starts working and very soon their desires materialize into the outer reality. Believe is the most powerful thing and such places awakes it. When this power of believe or faith develops then one not only transform himself but outer world also. What he starts believing then it slowly & rhythmically starts materializing. Be it anything prosperity, power, material, man, woman every things comes true or comes under your power when this power of believe or faith awakes. These places very easily rise the power of believes in people.
There are many other methods also by which this power of believe or faith rises. One of them is yoga & meditation but the main issue with them is their vast field of applicability. Yoga and meditation is very useful for our body as well as for our soul. By them one not even cure illness of body as well as mind but also reaches in nirvana state. These are great techniques of exhalations & inhalation but people generally wanders from their path and restrict their approach only to cure illness of mind & body. They move towards the state which is called full satisfaction or they reach the state of happiness which is almost goal of every meditation & yoga. And no doubt it is time consuming too
There are some hidden methods in meditation & yoga by which you can directly work on your belief system. It is very known fact that if you want to do some work or want to achieve something then first of all you must believe for it. Regardless of any body in the world, you have the required faith in yourself for the accomplishment of the event and if you have the required faith then it must be soon materialize. It has been proved by the neuroscience that according to frequency of brain waves we have different states which are term as Delta, Theta, Alpha & Beta .Delta & Theta are associated with deep sleep and drowsiness. During these two stages our reasoning power became very low or it reaches almost to zero. During these two stages we become like a blank paper and it became very easy to paint this blank paper with any colour. Any type of belief can be cultivate at this moment by using visualizing technique and by continuous practice it will increases abundantly. As soon as  it comes in your behavior and reflect from you face, personality and aura, its materializing process in outer world starts and very soon you will find that what you have visualize  becomes outer reality or comes true in your life. Anything, but not violating the rules of nature comes true. Money, power, desire marks, desire job, or you can cure illness, give up bad habits, cultivate new habits all these are possible and much more. How all this happen is due to the power of believe which has developed in yourself. This power of believe not only makes circumstances and luck in your favour but also the hard work, focus and planning required, is automatic generated in yourself. And you successfully develop your key and unlock your desires. When this faith rises then first of all those events or things starts happen which are essential for the accomplishment of your desires. Circumstances, people, incidents, objects all fovours you. Even the Smallest particle in your life aids you.  You meet someone incidentally who is going to help you, some favorable event might happen which helps you, automatically new opportunities will open up. Confidence, faith develops in yourself for the accomplishment of the event or desire.
This technique or art is very simple. Anybody can learn it and only requirement is practice daily and have faith in the technique. Some important points of this technique are
  • Relaxation:            Relaxing technique for the attainment of alternate states of mind.
  • Respiration:           Some breathing technique
  • Master formula:    Words arrange logically and orderly to form a sentences and describes a                                        desire  
  • Projection:             Visualization of this master formula on the mental panel

This is a great technique to learn. It can change your life


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