Hypnosis And Magnetic Eye

 Hypnosis And Magnetic Eye

You can very easily develop magnetic eye with the help of Gaze fixation. The magnetic eye not only gives one supreme command on others but also opens the door to psychic abilities .The reader should also note that psychic ability does not require that one has super intelligence or have a higher IQ or have a super natural powers, once psychic abilities are develop you can very easily attain all these. The only thing which it demands is that One must go on working seriously and faithfully with great perseverance and tenacity till he attains it. You cannot develop or acquired it within a week or two.  There are, of course, persons who have natural aptitude for it and they are able to develop it very early or within no time, while there are others who take some time to do so. A very effective way to develop magnetic eye and to stimulate the functioning of the ‘third eye’ or the sixth sense is the practice of gazing. Apart from the above benefits the practice of gazing sharpens the intellect and cures forgetfulness. Here is the technique of gazing for the development of Occult psychic power and magnetic eye.
In this technique you have to gaze steadily on a Flame of a burning candle or you can also make a black dark circle having a diameter up to 10 mm on a white paper and hang it on wall or door and gaze it continuously for  at least 15 minutes. In the beginning your eyes are likely to become heavy and watery  you can take rest for a while and  close them for a second or two and again resume gazing. But as your practice goes on you will be able to gaze continuously without blinking (always bathe your eyes with cool fresh water after the close of your gazing session).Now as you gaze single-pointedly at the Centre of a flame of a burning candle or a black spot on a wall, you will experience within a few minutes gazing that a small black disc is emerging from the central bright circle of the burning flame or black spot. Fix your whole attention on the black Circle. You will shortly experience that the bright circle at the center of the Device has completely vanished and its place has been taken by a black spot that is surrounded by bright light. This is the stage when the activity of the conscious mind starts subsiding and the sub conscious mind comes to the force. As soon as you experience the above phenomenon say to yourself mentally, “My psychic powers are awakening as my eyes are becoming more and more magnetic”. At the same time visualize that a flood of golden light is enveloping your whole being. This phenomenon does not usually last for long after about a couple of minutes or so you will again begin to see the bright circle at the Centre, Concentrate your mind again to re-establish the direct contact with your subconscious mind. And again, as you see the black spot encircled by bright light, mentally recite the same words as did before. Do this exercise at least once daily. In the beginning it may be difficult to gaze steadily without blinking but with practice you will be able to gaze unblinkingly for quite a pretty long time. However, do not practice this exercise for more than fifteen minutes at a stretch.
            The practice of Occult Gazing helps tremendously in developing the magnetic eye. There appears a strange piercing light in the eye. Man, beast and bird all come completely under influence by merely looking into their eyes. They cannot go against the wishes of the person who has the magnetic eye.  You can calm down and even subdue a violently angry person by merely looking into his eyes. While grazing into the other’s eyes simply visualizthat a beam of psychic light emanating from compelling him to do as you wish him to and at same time teleport your command by mentally reciting it.


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