Hypnosis And Magnetic Eye

Generally throughout our waking hours we keep out mind locked with external object with sights, sounds, smells, tactile experience and tastes. And as the objects are always changing, they continue to stir and agitate the mind with their ever changing shapes, forms and qualities. The mind also moves ceaselessly with them .The result is that it is never still. It continuously flits from one object to another. Because of this continuous interlocking with the external objects the mind becomes so conditioned that it always keeps on moving. Even when we are not thinking or actively engaged with the agitation caused by the external experience, the mental machine still goes on running idly in the form of fantasy, day dreaming or confused or stray thinking. And when we try to concentrate on one thing or think about a particular idea or thought we find that a thousand irrelevant thoughts and ideas distract the attention and try to fade through the stream of consciousness. Thinking of an uncontrolled mind is confusing and disjointed. It is never orderly and concentrated on one idea, one thought. The mind continues to scatter mental energy all around aimlessly. That is the reason why the ancients compared the uncontrolled mind with the monkey which continuously jumps from one branch of the tree to another, never sitting at one place. The basic reason why it is so should be quite clear to you by now. It is because the mind gets conditioned or habituated to behave in this manner. Our task is to de conditioned it or break its habit of being jumpy or flittering and recondition it in such a manner that we are able, at will, to keep it still and concentrate on a single point, single thought or ideas for some time and during that period no irrelevant thought intrudes upon us 

The first step towards this direction is the practice of the technique of gaze fixation. The idea is to work from without to within. So far the mind has been totally outgoing, constantly flittering from one object to another. With the technique of gaze fixation you first condition the mind to concentrate exclusively upon a specific external object for a specified period of time and then the visual impression is transferred within to intensify internal concentration.Actually conscious internalization of an objective impression can be done with any sense experience but we have found eyesight to be the most efficient link between without to within. It is also because we can easily recreate or visualize internally whatever sight impression we may choose to have externally you can very easily develop magnetic eye with the help of Gaze fixation. The magnetic eye not only gives one supreme command on others but also opens the door to psychic abilities .The reader should also note that psychic ability does not require that one has super intelligence or have a higher IQ or have a super natural powers, once psychic abilities are develop you can very easily attain all these. The only thing which it demands is that One must go on working seriously and faithfully with great perseverance and tenacity till he attains it. You cannot develop or acquired it within a week or two. There are, of course, persons who have natural aptitude for it and they are able to develop it very early or within no time, while there are others who take some time to do so. A very effective way to develop magnetic eye and to stimulate the functioning of the ‘third eye’ or the sixth sense is the practice of gazing. Apart from the above benefits the practice of gazing sharpens the intellect and cures forgetfulness. Here is the technique of gazing for the development of Occult psychic power and magnetic eye. 
In this technique you have to gaze steadily on a Flame of a burning candle or you can also make a black dark circle having a diameter up to 10 mm on a white paper and hang it on wall or door and gaze it continuously for at least 15 minutes. In the beginning your eyes are likely to become heavy and watery. You can take rest for a while and close them for a second or two and again resume gazing. But as your practice goes on you will be able to gaze continuously without blinking (always bathe your eyes with cool fresh water after the close of your gazing session).Now as you gaze single-pointedly at the Centre of a flame of a burning candle or a black spot on a wall, you will experience within a few minutes gazing that a small black disc is emerging from the central bright circle of the burning flame or black spot. Fix your whole attention on the black Circle. You will shortly experience that the bright circle at the center of the Device has completely vanished and its place has been taken by a black spot that is surrounded by bright light. This is the stage when the activity of the conscious mind starts subsiding and the sub conscious mind comes to the force. As soon as you experience the above phenomenon say to yourself mentally, “My psychic powers are awakening as my eyes are becoming more and more magnetic”. At the same time visualize that a flood of golden light is enveloping your whole being. This phenomenon does not usually last for long after about a couple of minutes or so you will again begin to see the bright circle at the Centre, Concentrate your mind again to re-establish the direct contact with your subconscious mind. And again, as you see the black spot encircled by bright light, mentally recite the same words as did before. Do this exercise at least once daily. In the beginning it may be difficult to gaze steadily without blinking but with practice you will be able to gaze unblinkingly for quite a pretty long time. However, do not practice this exercise for more than fifteen minutes at a stretch
  1.  Select a place or room where you will not be disturbed or interrupted 
  2.  Sit in a comfortable position in arm chair by placing your feet squarely on         the floor keeping your spine straight and erect. Or if you prefer you can also            sit   in  any yoga posture and erect such that light source like window at day              and  lamp  light must be behind you 
  3.  Flame of a burning candle or black spot on a wall must be in front of you at suchheight that you will comfortably see it without moving your head in upward or downward direction 
  4. By this method you can very easily increase your concentration and intensification of thought vibrations to that peak level of intensity where theycan make contact with the Hidden Psychic Power. It is the result of years of research and is based upon the scientific principles of mental science and thetechniques of the ancient occultists. 
  5.  This method is exceptionally useful for internalizing the gaze, conditioning themind to be still and single- pointed and developing the power to visualize. 
  6. Close your eyes and spend about three minutes on imaging that you are sittingin a dark room having in a warm, velvety darkness. Gently push away all disturbing or distracting images aside by continuously creating the dark field of inner vision. Do not strain or exert by way of willing because the more tense your mind is the more your inner blackness will be disturbed by flashes of colour and  white spots. Therefore just relax and deliberately try to create velvety darkness as you experience during a moonless, dark, cloudy tropical night. This process iscalled blanking. 
  7. Do not tense your eyes or any other part of your body. Neither try to closer your eyes tightly. It is because tension in your body will only tense your mind. And the more tense your mind is the more difficult it will be to blank the mind into total inner darkness. However as your mind relaxes, your inner blackness will also be complete and profound. This process is called blanking and it is an important step towards the attainment of single-pointed concentration. 
  8. The ordinary mind may be compared with the turbulent waters of a lake during   a storm. Such stormy waters do not let the boat float smoothly and neither onecan have a glimpse of the bottom of the lake. As the storm passes away and thewater of the lake calms down and becomes still one can see even the pebbles lying at the bottom. Similarly, with blanking the metallization begins to settle down and at a later stage the mind becomes so still that we can even catch aglimpse of the pearls lying at the bottom of the mental lake.
  9.  Do blanking for about three minutes and then open your eyes and fix your gaze on the flame of the burning candle or black spot on the wall for about 3 minutes.Gaze steadily and steadfastly, trying not to yield to the normal blinking reflex.    Continue to gaze until an aura forms around the edges of the flames, don’t lookaway from the center even for a split second, and try not to allow your mind towander elsewhere. (In the beginning your eyes might become watery due to gaze  fixation. But with practice you will be able to do so without any trouble).
  10.  Now, slowly and gently, close your eyes and concentrate upon the after-image(black circle) which will flash on the inner screen of your mental eye. Try to hold this black spot steadily in the center of your mental screen as long as youpossibly can. This may be from one to three minutes and even more depending upon your power to visualize and hold the image. Try not to let the image waveror move about. If it fades precedes out of sight, try to bring it back into view.When it becomes faint use your imagination to strengthen it. Repeat the exercise once again.
  11. The purpose of this exercise, as already stated in detail, is to train your mind not wander and to obey you, and to hold itself at one point steadily and firmly.The mind is first deliberately made to fix itself on the flame of the candle or dark black spot – then the external fixation-impression is transferred to the mental screen in order to hold the and steadily on it.
  12.  Thus gaze- fixation is the first step towards single-pointed concentration . It is               your desire- picture and developing your psychic powers.   very easy to develop             single-pointed concentration by first starting the procesof concentration on an                external image inwards for internal concentratiowhich is the basis for creating the            protoplasmic matrix of vibrations bearing.                                          The practice of Occult Gazing helps tremendously in developing the magnetic eye. There appears a strange piercing light in the eye. Man, beast and bird all come completely under influence by merely looking into their eyes. They cannot go against the wishes of the person who has the magnetic eye. You can calm down and even subdue a violently angry person by merely looking into his eyes. While grazing into the other’s eyes simply visualizthat a beam of psychic light emanating from compelling him to do as you wish him to and at same time teleport your command by mentally reciting it.

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    Here are some key aspects of hypnosis:

    Focused Attention: During hypnosis, individuals typically concentrate their attention on a specific idea, thought, or image to the exclusion of other distractions. This heightened focus can create a sense of absorption or "trance."

    Suggestibility: Hypnosis often involves increased receptivity to suggestions made by the hypnotist or by the person themselves. These suggestions can influence a person's perceptions, emotions, and behaviors.

    Deep Relaxation: Hypnosis is often associated with a profound state of relaxation. While not everyone experiences the same level of relaxation, most people undergoing hypnosis report feeling calm and at ease.

    Altered State of Consciousness: Hypnosis is sometimes described as an altered state of consciousness, but it's not the same as sleep or unconsciousness. It's a state in which the conscious mind becomes more receptive and the subconscious mind becomes more accessible.

    Hypnosis is used for various purposes:

    Therapeutic Hypnosis: Clinical or therapeutic hypnosis is used to help individuals manage pain, overcome phobias, reduce stress and anxiety, address behavioral issues like smoking or overeating, and manage certain medical conditions. It can be conducted by trained hypnotherapists.

    Entertainment: Stage hypnotists perform in front of an audience, inducing hypnosis in volunteers for entertainment purposes. These shows often involve playful or humorous suggestions.

    Self-Hypnosis: Individuals can learn self-hypnosis techniques to achieve personal goals, such as improving focus, boosting confidence, or managing stress. These techniques are often taught in self-help or personal development contexts.

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    Hypnosis should always be performed by trained and qualified professionals when used for therapeutic purposes, and it should not be confused with mind control or a state of vulnerability. Individuals under hypnosis remain aware and in control of their actions, and they cannot be made to do anything against their moral or ethical beliefs. You can find out more from https://spellcaster-reviews.com

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