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Pyschic breathing

     Mind have a natural tendency of flickering from one thing to another thing, alway remains in a state of continuous wondering. This flickering tendency of mind is control or manage by our breath. By deliberately stopping the natural flow of breath for a few seconds we can make our self to be cut from the outer world and concentrate our mind on a single point or thing. The more slow and deep our breath will be the more calm and stable we became. To have a healthy and long life our breathing should be deep and slow. Short and rapid breath is a sign of anxious and unstable life. This phenomena is true for animals also, the breathing style of Dog and Pigeon is very rapid and short as compare to tortoise therefore their life is very short and anxious as compare to Tortoise.Basically in all the asana and meditation our breath plays an important role. I have seen many people giving emphasise to have deep and slow breath while doing meditation and yoga. But the main thing is when anyone try to control the natural flow of breath then very soon becomes exhausted, he has to force himself very hard to again take the Charge and very soon normal way of breathing starts as usual. On the other hand in psychic breathing we cannot try to control our breath rather we only see or concentrate on inhalation and exhaling process. In psychic breathing we make our self-more calm, relax and stable and monitor the usual flow of breath. We try to see how breath is coming in our body through nostril and how breath is going out through nostril. Through Psychic breathing you can sink deep in the world of meditation. It is so much interesting and enjoyable that very soon you will lost your own identity and achieve a state of extreme pleasure, calmness and full satisfaction. Almost aim of every meditation is to achieve this state. In psychic breathing we cannot force our breath we neither breathe too slow nor limit breaths to so many a minute. This will only distract our attention from breathing itself. Moreover this not necessary. As  mind calms down and become still, breathing will automatically become slow and deep. Simply keep your chest up and concentrate upon your breathing. Do not force it. Neither try to control it. Just let it flow naturally and automatically. In psychic breathing we cannot try to increase or decrease the breath rather only monitor the flow of breath. Monitoring the flow of breath automatically makes our breath slow and deep.

Apart from many benefits of psychic breathing there are two of utmost importance. First one is psychic breathing magnetise our personality. Basically the difference between ordinary piece of iron bar and magnet is that in magnets all the similar charge particles accumulated in one direction. Positive charge particles are in one direction while negative charge particle are in opposite direction i.e. each magnet has two poles and gain the ability of attraction. Initially we are similar to that iron bar whose charge particles scattered in all direction and follow no specific pattern but when that iron bar is stoke by a powerful magnet then bars molecular structure aligns in such a manner that the positive poles of each molecules are in one direction and negative poles are in opposite direction. The net result is that ordinary iron bar also turns into powerful magnet. Similarly molecules inside us scattered in all direction and follow no specific pattern. Through psychic breathing we direct the physical and mental currents in such a way that polarized harmony and balance between positive and negative poles of body-mind link is achieved so that one attains a truly magnetic personality

      One another advantage of psychic breathing is for awakening the psychic power. As you concentrate your attention on the incoming and outgoing breath visualize that the bellows of your breathing is stoking the fire of your psychic power. See that it is becoming brighter and brighter. At the same time feel that your whole being is pleasantly pulsating with psychic vibrations. Psychic Breathing Technique is as important for the establishment of psychic power as oil is vital for the burning of a lamp.

Psychic Breathing is one of the most power techniques for developing single-pointedness of the mind. The ancient masters spoke of breath as the ‘string which controls the kite. The kite in this analogy is the mind and the breath is the string. As the breath moves, so moves the mind. Thus breath is the link between the minds. As a matter of fact, the body and mind are two aspects of the same center of energy in the Great OCEAN of Psychic Power. They diffirent only in density, vibrations and their attending qualities of form and function. As you will make progress in the practice of psychic breathing you will begin to perceive the point where the so –called psychic vibrations change into what are known as ‘mental’ vibrations

The technique of Psychic Breathing

1.      Sit erect, cross legged on the floor upon a folded blanket or a cushion, face  
      being towards the north
   2.    Relax yourself by relaxation technique
   3.    Establish equalized breathing
   4.    Now focus your attention on breathing-Exhalation and inhalation. See your breath
          going In and out in the form of energy vibrations
   5.    On inhalation, visualize that positive sun energy, warm and golden yellow in colour  
         is being drawn in through the top of your head and after radiating brilliant golden   
          light throughout the body and beyond goes out the soles of the feet
  6.    On exhalation visualize that negative moon energy cool and silvery blue is being    
         drawn up through the soles of the feet and after radiating brilliant silvery light
         through the body and beyond goes out of the top of the head
   7.    Continue the positive and negative breathing with their respective visualization   
          and at the Same time feel the passage of the ensuring energy vibrations sweeping
         the body and producing a sensation similar to an electric current of low voltage

       This technique should be practiced 15 minutes to half an hour daily to gain mastery over it. The first indication of mastering the technique is the intensification of the vibrations to the point when you begin to feel distinct electric currents running through the body with each inhalation and exhalation.

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