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Though the mind is intimately connected with all the processes of the body, we are more interested in a relationship with breath. Almost all of the internal functions of our body are involuntary. That is they are not under our conscious control. But breathing is unique in the sense that we can control it consciously to a certain extent. Why do we want to control ‘breathing’? It is because by controlling the breath we can indirectly control the mind, and condition it to stillness. How is it so?

       Controlled Breathing Tranquilizes the Mind

If you observe carefully an agitated, highly perturbed, violently angry or mortally afraid person you will see that he is breathing in a rapid, shallow and spasmodic manner. And when a person is calm, tranquil or he is thinking deeply, his breath is so slow and even that often it seems imperceptible. Thus if your breath is short, rapid and wavering, it means your mind is confused and agitated. If your breath is deep, even and slow, it means your mind is calm and controlled. Thus the more slow and deep is the breathing, the more calm and still is the mind. As the breath functions, so function our mind. Thus controlling the breath is a very effective way to condition the mind to be single-pointed. So the next step after attaining relaxation by means of Rotary. Relaxation technique is to set up Psychic Breathing.
Now we presume that you are sitting still in your favorite posture and you are completely relaxed with your spine straight and erect. Incidentally, erect posture is essential to good breathing as well. That is also one of the reasons why you should sit erect and straight.  The basic rule for correct sitting is erect back and balanced hips. (The ‘up’ and not ’out’ chest is also necessary to correct sitting and psychic breathing)The first rule for psychic breathing is the easiest way to gain breath control.

Equalized Breathing

Before we discuss the technique of Psychic breathing we must discuss the equalization which is a preliminary to psychic breathing. Usually breathe through one of the two nostrils, right or left. It has always been held by the ancient occultists that right nostril breathing gives a heating effect while left nostril breathing cools the system. Thus ordinarily one is always under the spell of either hot or cold breathing vibrations. Accordingly, the brain is hot and active when there is right nostril breathing and cool and slow during left nostril breathing. But when one is breathing through both the nostrils – equalized breathing – the mind becomes more conducive to single-pointed concentration. Therefore, we must learn to establish equalized breathing during the whole process of teleporting the photo-plasmic pattern of our desire or while using our psychic power. This is very important.But how can we do so? This we can do by voluntarily changing the flow of the breath from one nostril to the other. Suppose the breathing is through the left nostril. In order to establish equalized breathing, all we have to do is to put pressure on the right side of the body. Just rest the right palm on the ground about a foot away from the body and exert your body weight on it. It takes about a minute for the change to take place. Now, before the actual change of breath from one nostril to the other takes place, there is always equalized breathing (breathing from both nostrils) for a very short time, say, a few seconds. If one makes it a practice to intentionally establish equalized breathing and observe its duration, its period becomes longer and longer. It also helps a lot to order your inner mind to maintain equalized breathing. As you are sitting erect and straight in a relaxed state say under your breath three or four times:  “I shall maintain equalized breathing during my psychic session.”If you make it a practice to establish equalized breathing, it will help in developing your mental balance and concentration. Practice equalized breathing as often as you can till you are able to establish it by mere mental command: ‘Let equalized breathing be established.’

Equalized Breathing for Health

Incidentally, you can use the specific effects of left and right nostril breathing for curing disease and maintaining good health. Our earth is directly influenced by the solar and lunar vibrations. During the day it is the sun that influences us by its hot golden light vibrations and during the night we are affected by the moon’s cool silvery light vibrations. Our right nostril breathing, as already stated, creates heating effect while left nostril breathing has cooling effect. To keep the equilibrium of bodily vibration with that of the solar and lunar vibrations during the day the left nostril should mostly work and during the night right nostril should be mostly active. If you regularly practice lunar breathing during the day you will remain free of all disorders that arise from tension and emotional upsets. During the night solar breathing should be active. Just lie on your left side and the right nostril breathing will automatically be established.

Psychic Breathing

The aim of psychic breathing is to direct the physical and mental currents through the proper channels so that not only one attains a truly magnetic personality but also experiences a deep sense of polarized harmony and balance between the positive and negative poles of body-mind link. Without polarization we are just like an ordinary piece of iron bar whose molecular structure is not harmoniously patterned and as a result of which the individual force fields of each molecule are working at cross purposes to each molecule being scattered in different directions. Now, if we commence. Slowly and systematically, stroking the iron bar with a magnet, we gradually align the bar’s molecular structure in such a manner that the positive poles of each molecule are in one direction and the negative ones in the opposites direction. The net result is that the ordinary bar of iron also turns into a powerful magnet. With the practice of psychic breathing we magnetize our personality and develop the ability of single-pointed concentration. The mind and body become so very balanced and harmonies that the vicious circle of chronic worry, anxiety more depression is automatically broken and better control over mind and body is contained.

 This technique should be practiced 15 minutes to half an hour daily to gain mastery over it. The first indication of mastering the technique is the intensification the vibrations to the point when you begin to feel distinct electric currents running through the body with each inhalation and exhalation. You need not try to breathe too slowly or limit breaths to so many a minute. This will only distract your attention from breathing itself. Moreover this not necessary. As your mind calms down and become still, breathing will automatically become slow and deep. Simply keep your chest up and concentrate on your breathing. Do not force it. Neither try to control it. Just let it flow naturally and automatically.

Awaken Your Psychic Power

The above exercise is also very effective for awaken the psychic power. As you concentrate your attention on the incoming and outgoing breath visualize that the bellows of your breathing is stoking the fire of your psychic power. See that it is becoming brighter and brighter. At the same time feel that your whole being is pleasantly pulsating with psychic vibrations. Psychic Breathing Technique is as important for the establishment of psychic power as oil is vital for the burning of a lamp.Psychic Breathing is one of the most power techniques for developing single-pointedness of the mind. The ancient masters spoke of breath as the ‘string which controls the kite. The kite in this analogy is the mind and the breath is the string. As the breath moves, so moves the mind. Thus breath is the link between the minds. As a matter of fact, the body and mind are two aspects of the same center of energy in the Great OCEAN of Psychic Power. They difficult only in density, vibrations and their attending qualities of form and function. As you will make progress in the practice of psychic breathing you will begin to perceive the point where the so –called psychic vibrations change into what are known as ‘mental’ vibrations.

The technique of Psychic Breathing

  • Sit erect, cross legged on the floor upon folded             blanket or a cushion,face being                   towards       the north
  •  Relax yourself by relaxation technique
  •  Establish equalized breathing
  •  Now focus your attention on breathing-Exhalation and inhalation. See your breath  going In and out in the form of energy vibrations
  • On inhalation, visualize that positive sun energy, warm and golden yellow in                    colour is being drawn in through the top of your head and after radiating brilliant golden light throughout the body and beyond goes out the soles of  the  feet
  • On exhalation visualize that negative moon energy cool and silvery blue is being drawn Up through the soles of the feet and after radiating brilliant                   silvery light    through the  body and beyond goes out of the top of the head
  • Continue the positive and negative breathing with their respective visualization   and at the Same time feel the passage of the ensuring energy                         vibrations sweeping the body  and  Producing a sensation similar to an  electric  current of low voltage

      This technique should be practiced 15 to 30 minutes daily to gain mastery over it. The first indication of mastery over it is the intensification of vibration to the point when you begin to feel the distinct electric currents running through the body with each inhalation and exhalation

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