Health is very important and vital part of our life, which we always neglect due to other priorities of our life. Sometime competition of life makes us so much busy and anxious about success that we hardy became mentally rest and relax. But health, mental peace and calmness is also very necessary to achieve as well as to enjoy success. The competition in life makes us so much anxious that we forget to became calm and relax. There is a very deep relation between mind and body. Mind and body both are interrelated to each other. If our mind comes in relaxation state then automatically our body also comes in relaxation state and vice versa. There are also the internal sensations – aches and pains, strains and tensions in the body that disturb the mind and distract it in a hundred and one ways. Experience has shown that deep relaxation reduces the flow of bodily sensations to the minimum and the mind becomes more free to concentrate its power on a single point.  It is because when we tense our muscles we spend more of our psycho-physical energy. But when we relax our-muscles completely, a lot of energy becomes spare to be converted into mental force for reinforcing the already existing fund of mental energy. Another advantage of relaxation is that when we relax the muscles of the body the mind also becomes relaxed and it does not wander as readily as when the body is tense. Thus physical relaxation indirectly promotes mental concentration. As a matter of fact with the practice of relaxation not only the mind becomes calm but the noises of the body are also brought under harmonious control. Relaxation also relieves negative mental conditions such as worry, anger and fear. It is really difficult to be worried or upset when all the muscles of the body are in a state of complete relaxation. If we analyses the mind- body relationship we will find that it is always mental tension that arises first and is the cause of physical tension. By deliberately reversing the usual mind-body chain reaction we gain conscious control over the vital zones of the body and thus relax the mind by first relaxing the body.



This means a tense mind makes the body in general and the muscles in particular tense. When the mind is tense with rage, or anger the muscles become rigid, the fists clench and jaws become tight and set. Thus a tense mind directly makes the body tense and rigid. And as a feedback reaction with the development of tension in the body, the mind becomes still tenser. All this results in a vicious circle the one tensing the other. The more tense is the body, the more agitated is the mind, and vice versa. The best way, therefore, to break this vicious circle is to deliberately train the mind and the body to relax each other- the mind relaxing the body so that it in its turn relaxes the mind still more. Learn to Relax DeeplyFor this purpose most of the authorities advocate lying down on a comfortable bed and letting the muscles    



Relaxation technique requires no ‘will power’ other than perseverance and continued practice. It requires no special training, nor will unusual concentration. The first time you use this technique you experience some relaxation. But as you continue to practice the degree of relaxation will increase. Eventually you will be able to relax deeply, anywhere anytime without falling asleep

After attaining the posture of your choice and convenience in which your spine must be straight, close your eyes gently and keep them close during the practice of the technique. In this relaxation technique we start from the feet and mentally go upward towards head. Again go back to the feet and go on repeating the same process until we reach in deeply relaxed state. You should memories in order to derive the full advantage of this technique which is as follows.

1. Think of your feet and legs and concentrate all of your attention on them. Under your breath say these exact words to yourself slowly and rhythmically:“My feet and legs are becoming heavy……… very heavy……. And very numb. Now they are so heavy and so numb that I have lost all feelings in them from my toes to my hips. My legs are so numb that I cannot move them no matter how hard I try”.

2. Now quickly think of your hands and arms. Concentrate all your attention on them. Say under your breath slowly and rhythmically:“My hands and arms are becoming heavy……… very heavy. I am losing all feeling in my arms. Now my arms are so heavy…….so numb…..  That I cannot move them no matter how hard I try.”

3. Next concentrate your thoughts on your neck and shoulders. Say to yourself, slowly and rhythmically: “My shoulders are growing very heavy………. My neck is becoming very heavy………. My shoulders and my neck have become so very heavy……….. I cannot move any of them………. No matter how hard I try.”


4. Now immediately concentrate your thoughts on your closed eyes and say to yourself slowly and rhythmically:” My eyes are becoming heavy very heavy numb very numb.I cannot open them no matter how hard I try

While you are thinking about your arms, make one quick try at lifting or moving any one of your legs. You will find that you cannot do so. They will be so relaxed that all you will feel is a tug at you hip

You can again repeat the whole process again…Feet and legs ….hands and arms …….shoulders and neck …..eyes….and again feet and legs etc. till you feel that you are relaxed all over.But be sure that during the whole process your spine remains straight and erect

You gain mastery over this technique at the moment when you feel your limbs getting heavy and when you are unable to move them. The more still and motionless is your body the more calm and quite will be your mind. Initially you have to spend fifteen to  thirty minute a  day but later on only giving direction to your body is enough to reach in that state.You cannot imagine how much advantageous you became by learning this technique and implementing it in your life.


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