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   Yes we can create most of the incidents related to our life, as we desire but not violating the rules of nature. We human beings are part of that superpower or energy which is called god i.e it is called that god resides in us. God is the creator of whole universe, human beings, animal’s, nature etc. In this great ocean of universe god is the supreme power who has super fine energy, we human being are small energy points in this great ocean. If we intentionally or unintentionally combined our small energy centers with that super fine energy and visualize any incident as it is completed then sooner or later that incident might happen in our life as it is visualize.  Achieving success or fulfilling your desires are not a mystery or magic they are based on sound principle and anybody who understand them can easily use them and achieve success in their life. 

In my view people knowingly or unknowingly tune themselves with the hidden psychic powers or with great supreme power which is called god and makes their success key and achieve it. God is creator, he create universe, man, woman, animal and all things. We are the part of God and we too are creator but not like as God. Our powers are very limited and we can create or achiev all those things in our life which any other successful man has. Big house, Big cars, pleasurable and marvelous life, bank balance in 10 numbers, all are possible. If we have a burning desire for anything then whole universe aids us in achieving that. All  things happen very naturally and automatically. All Things happen so naturally that they all  aids us in achieving our goals. You incidentally meet the person who helps you to fulfil your desires or something happen which helps you to achieve your goal. If you regularly practice the art of visualization, at one point your attempt will succeed and you can very easily gain whatever you want from the life. Learn this beautiful art to have happy and enjoyable life 

Developing  power of visualization: The Circular Staircase

This exercise helps you for developing visualization in more advanced form and it will further strengthen your power to visualize. Sit comfortably in any of the psychic postures that suits you. Sit straight and erect and relax yourself by Relaxation Technique. Blank your mind for a minute and then imagine yourself slowly climbing a circular staircase, winding your way up, round and round, step by step and up till you reach the top. When you reach the top, let your mind suddenly go blank, making the image disappear into the darkness of blanking. Keep your mind completely blank for at least one minute.

Now picture yourself going down the staircase, round and round, step by step, down and down until you reach the bottom. When you reach the bottom, again let your mind go blank and hold the darkness of blanking at least for one minute.

The practice of this exercise will give you the power to switch on and off the image you visualize at your command and will.

How to develop visualization: Nose Writing

One very amusing exercise to develop the ability visualize is ‘nose writing’ Sit comfortably and relaxed in psychic posture either on a chair or on the ground. Close your eyes and imagine that you have a pencil attached to the tip of your nose. Using the imaginary nose-pencil begin to write on an imaginary large white sheet of thick paper. Imagine that you are drawing a large circle. If it looks uneven to your ‘inner eye’ draw over and over until you have a fairly presentable circle. Then draw a line through the center, another at right angles to it and so on. Use your imagination to draw as many things and figures from this circle as you can. You can draw a sun-flower, a human head, a football, and so many other things. Practice this exercise for fifteen minutes power to visualize at will and also strengthen your ability to focus your attention unwaveringly on a single point.

 Visualization: For Awake-Control

Another exercise to develop visualization and the power to wake up from sleep any time is the technique of Awake-Control. Sleep Control technique gives you the power to sleep deeply anytime, anywhere. But many persons feel much difficulty in awakening at the desired hour without a clock is a big problem. If you wish to wake up in the morning at a specified time on your own then use the technique of awake-Control. Awaken control technique not only develops your power of visualization for practical purposes, but also develops mental motivation and mind control. To use awake-control practice awakening without the use of an alarm clock. First relax yourself by Rotary relaxation technique and then visualize a big wall clock. Mentally move the hands of the clock to indicate the time at which you want to awake and tell yourself mentally that this is the time at which you will wake up.

Tell, yourself: “This is the time I am going to awake,” and at the same time visualize yourself awakening exactly at the same time you have specified. Stay relaxed and then go to sleep by ‘Sleep Control’ technique and you will find that you awaken at the desired hour and when you wake up you will be quite alert, feeling fine and in the best of spirits.

Visualization for sleeping problems

With the help of visualization You can enter normal, natural, psychological sleep anytime, anywhere, without the use of drugs. First relax your body with the help of relaxation technique while lying in bed. Sleep-Control variation is as follows:

Visualize a black-board and mentally hold a chalk in one hand and a duster in the other. Mentally draw a large circle on the blackboard. Write a big X within the circle. Now rub out the X with your duster taking care not to erase the circle in the least and to the right and outside the circle write the  you will enter a deeper level of natural sleep.Next write 100 within the circle. Then mentally erase it from within the circle taking care not to erase the circle in the least. Immediately write to the right and outside the circle the word ‘deeper’. Next write within the circle ‘99’ and then erase it in the same manner. Then go over to write the word ‘deeper’. Every time you go over the word deeper in this manner, normal, natural sleep. Continue with the numbers ‘98’, ‘97’, ‘96’ and so on a descending scale. Every time you use sleep-control in this manner you will enter deep sleep anywhere during the figure-writing, which will be refreshing and you will wake up in the morning wide awake, feeling fine and in the best of health. This exercise not only gives you control over your sleep but also develops your ability visualize vividly.

   Basically Men has the ability to think and this thinking happens only in pictures.  Men is gifted with many qualities but this quality of thinking and automatic projection of thinking image on his mental screen is unique. Due to this quality alone men emerge above the animal and dominated entire age. Troglodyte Before killing the animal he first picture his weapon in his mind then only he gave it right shape and size and kill animals. Due to this quality alone men has  progress tremendously. For every problem he unconsciously design blue print in his mind and then nature and his believe power very soon realizes it. This is one of the unique quality with which men is gifted. The people having these power  carry a air of certainty with them. They very easily realize their desires. These people are master of making the blueprint of their desires and problems and therefore they solve them very successfully. Realization of blue print in outer world comes true sooner or latter. That why it is said that what you conceive and believe one day comes true.
                  Though thinking in pictures is involuntary or automatic. whereas visualization is throwing deliberately or intentionally pictures of your choice on the mental screen. It is fact that whatever a man conceives and believes, he ultimately achieves.  when we concentrate our thought-power and consciously visualize what we desire, and charge it or animate it with the emotional power of faith or enthusiasm or both, we set up such powerful vibrations,  that the materialization of our desire becomes a certainty

             So for the achievement of our desires we must have the power to visualize as clearly and as vividly as possible. As already pointed out each one of us has inherently the power to visualize because it is human nature to think in pictures. However, it is not easy for the average person to concentrate, to say holding of picture on a mental plane for any length of time. When one tries to do so, he generally finds that thoughts, ideas, fantasies and flow thought scattered and stray thinking creates a jumbled mass confusion inhibiting the making of a clear and dynamic picture of one’s desire.

But you will be an entirely different person if you have faithfully practiced the Psychic breathing and relaxation techniques, two  vital steps for single-pointed concentration. By this two methods the power of concentration to very large extent is develop. But you must be able to visualize your desire picture and hold that picture on your mental screen for some time without letting it fade out or get blurred. To accomplish this, it is vital that you should know the technique of Dynamic Visualization.



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