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Visualization or The law of attraction

Long back during the Stone Age men lived in caves in forest and wholly depends on nature for his daily needs. He lived in forest with other animals and termed as troglodyte or as animal. This troglodyte has progress tremendously within his others companions while some of his companion vanishes from the screen. This troglodyte latter know as men and Surely he  is gifted with some extra quality due to which he not only survive in that difficult situation but also forms civilization and progress tremendously. In that difficult situations men not even protect himself but also forms civilization. Similar to modern age men different feelings aroused in him also which he had exhibited through pictures. He draw picture relating to hunting, weapons, animals, moon, sun etc. What he saw or feel like to express through the pictures. When he gain the ability to talk or after the development of language he starts to express his feeling through words.  But this ability to express his feelings through…