Visualization or The law of attraction


Long back during the Stone Age men lived in caves in forest and wholly depends on nature for his daily needs. He lived in forest with other animals and termed as troglodyte or as animal.
This troglodyte has progress tremendously within his others companions while some of his companion vanishes from the screen. This troglodyte latter know as men and Surely he  is gifted with some extra quality due to which he not only survive in that difficult situation but also forms civilization and progress tremendously. In that difficult situations men not even protect himself but also forms civilization. Similar to modern age men different feelings aroused in him also which he had exhibited through pictures. He draw picture relating to hunting, weapons, animals, moon, sun etc. What he saw or feel like to express through the pictures. When he gain the ability to talk or after the development of language he starts to express his feeling through words.  But this ability to express his feelings through words is similar to expressing his feeling through pictures with only difference that earlier he used to draw picture on wall while now picture is already associated with every word. When a particular word is uttered then instantly a picture related to that particular word flashes on our mind and disappears. This process is so much fast and automatic that we never realize it. And a feeling associated with the particular word aroused in our heart. When someone narrate us any incident then very soon we begin to feel the feeling lies in that incident and series of  pictures projected on our mental screen. Men has the ability to think and this thinking happens only in pictures.  Men is gifted with many qualities but this quality of projection of images on his mental screen is unique. Due to this quality alone men emerge above the animal and dominated entire age. Before killing the animal he first picture his weapon in his mind then only he gave it right shape and size and kill animals. Due to this quality alone men has attain progress tremendously. For every problem he unconsciously design blue print in his mind and then nature and his believe power very soon realizes it. This is one of the unique quality with which men is gifted but it remains in underdeveloped stage. i.e. millions of year have been spent for the realization of today’s world. Realization of blue print in outer world comes true sooner or latter. Thats why it is said that what you conceive and believe one day comes true. Men also has one more quality or ability similar to above one. He can also through picture of his choice on his mental screen. This peculiar quality of men to through picture of his choice on his mental screen is called visualization. So visualization is the process of through pictures of your choice on your mental screen.
                  Though think in pictures is involuntary or automatic. whereas visualization is throwing deliberately or intentionally pictures of your choice on the mental screen. It is fact that whatever a man conceives and believes, he ultimately achieves.  when we concentrate our thought-power and consciously visualize what we desire, and charge it or animate it with the emotional power of faith or enthusiasm or both, we set up such powerful vibrations,  that the materialization of our desire becomes a certainty
             So for the achievement of our desires we must have the power to visualize as clearly and as vividly as possible. As already pointed out each one of us has inherently the power to visualize because it is human nature to think in pictures. However, it is not easy for the average person to concentrate, to say holding of picture on a mental plane for any length of time. When one tries to do so, he generally finds that thoughts, ideas, fantasies and flow thought scattered and stray thinking creates a jumbled mass confusion inhibiting the making of a clear and dynamic picture of one’s desire.

But you will be an entirely different person if you have faithfully practiced the Psychic breathing and relaxation techniques describe earlier vital steps for single-pointed concentration. By this two methods the power of concentration to very large extent is develop. But you must be able to visualize your desire picture and hold that picture on your mental screen for some time without letting it fade out or get blurred. To accomplish this, it is vital that you should know the technique of Dynamic Visualization and practice it. Very soon you gain the ability to concentrate to a very large extend and then whatever you throw on your metal plane automatically attracted towards you. Be it anything, any desire but not violating the laws of nature comes true very soon 


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