Visualization or The law of attraction


The word concentration coming from the Latin word meaning together or drawing to a common central point. Patanjali, Great Indian Yogi who lived many centuries before Christ, defines concentration as the binding of perceiving consciousness at a single point of the mind to visualize a specific image, form or object to the exclusion of all other images, or mental pictures’. In other words, single-pointed concentration means the ability to voluntarily keep your mind fixed on one thought idea or concept as and when your wish.  whereas visualization is throwing deliberately or intentionally pictures of your choice on the mental screen. It is a fact that whatever a man conceives and believes, he ultimately achieves.  when we concentrate our thought-power and consciously visualize what we desire, and charge it or animate it with the emotional power of faith or enthusiasm or both, we set up such powerful vibrations,  that the materialization of our desire becomes a certainty

We Think in Pictures

The reason why do we stress upon the single-pointed visual concentration is the fact that basically we think in pictures and as such by picturing or visualizing what we want we are better able to set up the vibrations of our desire – picture. In other words we can say that we think better in pictures and understand and assimilate a fact better when it is presented in the form of images, forms and shapes. Even when we talk in works and phrases, we actually think in the form of pictures and images. For example, pronounce the word ‘Car’ and at the same time observe how your mind reacts. You will experience a hazy image of a Car flashing upon the inner screen of your mind. The word ‘Car’ as such has no meaning except that it conveys a particular sound associated with an object of a particular shape or form which our inner mind sees as a picture or image.
A good proof of this fact is the dream-pictures we see during sleep. Psychologists have proved that dream pictures do have meanings. They not only picture the events that took place in the past but also epitomize the subconscious urges, drives and aspirations of the individual. These pictures may be distorted in a dramatic or symbolic manner but none the less they are pictures embodying a thought, idea or concept. Thus our mental language is basically the language of pictures. To think in pictures is the basic characteristic of human mind. Even the lower animals like dogs, horses and others think in pictures. This is proved by the way a dog behaves during sleep. Sometimes it whines, sometimes it growls which shows that the animal is dreaming. And psychologists have proved that dreaming can take place only in pictures.

Thought – pictures and Emotions

However, we do not think merely in the form of dry thought pictures. We also think with our feelings. Our thought pictures. Are charged with feeling too. For instance, think of a departed loved one and as the thought picture emerges on your mental screen you also experience the associated feelings of sorrow, regret or regard – the dominant emotion related to his memory. Thus whenever we recall a thought pictures some past experience, we also recall the corresponding feelings. When we recall in our mind the reminiscences of a meeting with the beloved one we also recall the feelings of pleasure we experienced at that time.So there is a deep connection between thought pictures and feelings or emotional tones. We cannot think without experiencing at the same time the associated emotional feelings. It is a different matter if we do not consciously appreciate the arising feelings they unfold with the dynamics of the moving thought pictures.

Conscious Visualization

Though thinking in pictures in involuntary or automatic we can deliberately or intentionally throw pictures of our choice on the mental screen. This peculiar faculty in man to throw pictures voluntarily on the mental screen is called visualization. As already stated, both man and lower animals think in pictures. But the power to visualize consciously is the exclusive privilege of man without the capacity for conscious visualization, man would never have emerged and risen above the level animal existence. He would never have been able build up civilization. All human progress is the result of visualization.

Emotionalized visualization.

 It is fact that whatever a man conceives and believes, he ultimately achieves. If we visualize success, sooner or later it comes to our door. But when we concentrate our thought-power and consciously visualize what we desire, and charge it or animate it with the emotional power of faith or enthusiasm or both, we set up such powerful vibrations, bearing our desire-pictures that the materialization of our desire becomes a certainty. However, most of us project pictures without any selection or control. Sometimes the pictures are such that instead of being beneficial they cause harm to us. It is because the Hidden Power does not distinguish between good and bad pictures. If you are afraid and form pictures of what you are afraid of and hold them in your mind, again and again, the fear –picture is bound to materialize in your life sooner or later. If you wish that only those things should happen which you desire then you must consistently and deliberately concentrate upon and visualize only those thought pictures which you want to happen in your life. Thus visualization of a desire- picture without charging it with feeling or emotional tone is like the cinema slide which is static and lifeless. But as soon as we reinforce our desire- picture with feelings of faith, enthusiasm expectancy, or the firm belief that the desired picture was bound to come true, we give it the necessary propulsive impetus. 

Visualization and Word Picture

Though every thought-picture that is projected on the mental screen, evokes its associated feeling or emotional tones, it is also accompanied by the associated sound or voice. When the ‘inner eye’ sees the picture of the beloved one, the inner ‘ear’ also hears the tinkling laughter and the enchanting voice. All this is like the screening of the motion picture with the reproduction of its accompanying soundtrack. So, when we reinforce our emotionalized thought picture with the appropriate words(word-picture or telephoto form). we intensify the vibrations much in the same way as condensers magnify the capacity of the transmitter to broadcast effectively even the comparatively weak electromagnetic vibrations to a considerably long distance. Actually a word-picture serves as a blue-print or a map of your desire in which you fill the appropriate colures by means of emotionalized visualization.
But please remember that mere recitation of desire pictures in words will not be effective unless your visualization it clearly and animate it with the positive feeling or emotion of faith, conviction or confidence. You have to give life to your desire picture by animating it with the power of faith. This is so important and vital for the actualization of your desire-pictures that no amount of emphasis is enough to impress you with its importance.

Visualization and Single –pointed Concentration

The one most important step for single-pointed mental concentration is the development of clear and vivid visualization of your desire-picture. To ‘visualize’ means to ‘see mentally’- that is to form mental image of thing—to ‘see in one’s mind.’ Visualization is to the artisan; what the blueprint is to the architect; what the around which the materialization of the desire-picture occurs. Remember that a desire-picture is actualized by the Hidden Psychic Power only when it is visualized vividly and clearly. But the trouble with most of the people is that they do not know just what they really want. That is why they are not able to form clear mental images of what they wish the Hidden Psychic Power to ‘create’ or ‘materialize.’ The persons who attain the greatest and the most wonderful results are those who are able to ‘visualize’ most clearly the things they wish to have, to do or to will be an entirely different person if you must be able to visualize your desire picture and hold that picture on your mental screen for some time without letting it fade out or get blurred. 

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