Different stages of Life

Humans are one of the most wonderful and complex creature of the world. If you want to understand this creature then different bodies associated with different stages of his life should be understand first. Every man is different from other in Characteristics, nature and Personality etc. You will always ask a question from your own self and from others too how some people are enjoying their life lavishly while  others are  reading books of spirituality in the privacy of their room or When you try to illustrate the importance and greatness of spirituality to one of your friend then why  he neglect it totally . The answer to these question and many more similar question lies in the understanding of different bodies of human being which are develop with the time and with their own efforts. The interest, habit and personality very much depends upon these different bodies of a person. If you have the good understanding of these bodies then you can very easily predict the nature and personality of a person by only knowing him very little. Nobody is able to make you fool or even cheat you.  There is deep relation between our own personality and the stages of body in which we are. When we are in one particular body then our overall personality is different from the body in which we are earlier. When we saw someone then very small part of his personality is seen to us while the major part remains hidden or the body which we are seeing is the outermost and other important bodies are behind it. By the knowledge of these different types of bodies you can very easily know the truthfulness of any individual irrespective of how good is he showing to you.

Physical Body: - Physical body forms up to 7 years after the birth of child and it must be completely formed during this period. During this period human beings are similar to animals because in animals only physical body forms and they don’t have other important remaining bodies. But there are some humans also whose only physical body forms and there further development stops there only. These types of people have the habit of copying others. This person lives the life similar to animals and dies thereafter.
Etheric body: - From 7 to 14 years etheric body or more specifically emotional body forms. Now feelings are raised in the child. He feels love and affection for his desire ones. After the formation of etheric body a tendency of human being is created and now a human thinks themselves to be superior to animals. Sexual feelings are also aroused in them as soon as they reach the 14 years of age. Feelings always dominant them therefore they live the life under the dominance of others and live accordingly irrespective of right or wrong.  However there are some humans also whose only etheric body forms and their further progress stops there only. They remain 14 years for their rest of life and they can’t further progress..

Astral body:- In this body mind, reasoning & thought power  develops. This body forms up to the age of 21 year of age. These people can do thinking and clearly understand the profit and loss for their any action. They work according to their intelligence and a thought develops in them. It is hard to influence Astral body humans because they have their own thought & thinking. They are always influence by the people who have similar thoughts as they have.  
Mental body:-In astral body thought dominants, while in mental body emotions dominants. Now human enters into the emotional world from the thought world. In this body humans  gain the ability of imagination i.e he plunges deep into this emotional world. Initially a thought only influences him but can’t change him but here emotionalize imagination can change him. In this body people became art lover according to thoughts and emotions different hobbies and qualities awakes in them. Spiritual powers like telepathy, clairvoyance, Hypnosis all are possibility of this body. kundali power is also awaken in this body or during this stage. But this mental body stage is very dangerous and here we have to be alert to avoid any problem. In this body humans can do imagination & it may be realistic or imaginary. Few people are able to develop their mental body. Emotional world is very deep .

Spiritual body: - Spiritual body forms after the formation of mental body. In this body soul can be experience 

Cosmic Body:-Sixth body is called the cosmic body and only those can awakes it who is ready to lost the experience of soul achieve in the fifth body.

Body less body:-In this body only consciousness remains and body became secondary. In this stage existence of body is lost. Budda said this stage as a nirvana. Great yogis attain this stage. In this stage body became perished but still there is consciousness.

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