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Energizing The Root Chakra

Body chakras or more specifically energy chakras are center of spiritual and life energies. They distribute energy to both mind and body after collecting from higher energy sources. These chakras have great influence on our physical, mental and spiritual life. For a happy and prosperous life our all chakras must be strong, balance and energetic i.e. every men should have knowledge about these chakras.  These chakras works on extremely low frequency and it is not possible to see them from eyes.  Physically they are interrelated to bunch of veins in our spinal cord or back bone. Basically Chakras are in Sushmana which is inside our spinal chord. Sushmana is like a long transmitting medium on which bunch of veins emerges and are called as Chakras. When we concentrate our energy and flow them through these veins then these chakras became active
The energy of every chakra impact on associated gland and part of the body. There are basically 7 chakras but some scholars can’t count crown and third eye as chakra and only consider remaining five as chakras. The first chakra is root chakra which is Located between anus and genital area and have the red colour.
Harm due to damage root chakra
 Following diseases may be rises due to inactive and week root chakra
1.      Diseases of spine
2.      Arthritis
3.      Diseases of Blood and Allergy
4.      Late repairment of bones and wounds
5.      Under develop  body parts
6.      Low energy level
7.      Problems related to Sex
8.      Insomnia, Stress, heart and head disease
9.      Problem related to skin
10.  Tendency of suicide
11.  Violence, selfishness and self centered
12.  Difficulty in attaining  good health and and growth of body
 Benefits of concentration on root Chakra
1.      Strengthen the spinal chord
2.      Purification of Blood
3.      Maintains the temperature of the body
4.      Increases the energy level
5.      Gives strength to Heart and sex organs
6.      Gives strength to legs
7.      Creates awareness regarding the food, sleep and self defense.
8.      Motivates regarding the life events
9.      Became free from anger, desires and greediness if concentrated on the chakra

Shape of Root Chakra
Root Chakra is located between anus and genital area. It is shown in fig below and compare to lotus flower which have four leaves of red colour.

                                                                    Root Charka

Different methods of energizing root chakra
Chakras are basically centre of energy and energy imbalance are risen in them by two ways either there is excess or depletion of energy. In yoga there are many methods by which you can energize your chakras so that they became strong, energetic and powerful.  If there is excess energy in any chakra then energy is provided to just one  chakra above that chakra and in this way energy balance is achieve. Two most simple method for energizing the root chakra are given below

1.      Stand on floor having some suitable distance between both the legs.  Slowly slowly move you buttock in downward direction as you are  going to sit on a chair. Go in downward direction as much as you can and then return back. Do it 3 to 4 times.


2.      There is saying in yoga that energy follows thought. You can send energy to any organ by just concentrating on that particular organ. For energizing as well as repairmemt of Chakras by energy, this method is widely used. Energies are of different colours   like white, light green, light blue, light red and light violet. We can use single energy or combinations of energies for energizing our chakras. For Root Chakra we can use light green and light red color energies. Choose any lonely place and sit in any comfortable position and  visualize that light green and light red colours vibration are entering  in the root chakras  and excess energy is going  to earth through  hands. This exercise is very simple but  it is advisable to do such activity in guidance of any expert but in lack of any guidance and still you want to try then you can use only white energy. Visualize that white energy is entering into your root chakra and your root chakra is becoming strong, powerful and energetic and excess energy is going to earth through your hands. There are certain criteria for selection for energies but in any position and condition white energy is safest to use

Week root chakras may be energize by using any of these two techniques. Anyone can use it and make his life beautiful and pleasant

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