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Energy Chakra’s and their relations to the glands

                  Energy Chakra’s and their relations to the glands 

Hindu, chines and some ancient civilization agreed upon the existence of different types of energy points in our body. These energy points are further classified according to their shape, size and position. There are differences among the scholars regarding the no’s of major energy points.  These energy points are called chakras. In spirituality they play a major role and consider responsible for personality and characteristics of a persons. All the illness and diseases enters in the body through these chakras. So all the chakras must be balance and stable for disease free life. These body chakras are interrelated to different gland of our body and these glands have a marvelous effect on our body. These glands make different types of chemical which is known as hormones. These hormones help in the development of personality.  There are two types of glands one is called Extrocrine glands and other one is called endocrines gland.  The main works of the hormones developed by these glands are to stabilize mind and body, protection against diseases and to form the personality. Some main glands are
1.      Pineal gland:- Pineal gland is one of the most important gland. Pineal gland with the help of pituitary gland controls other glands. It is situated in upper most part of the head and related to the crown chakra. Crown chakra is also considered as higher level of consciousness. His shape is similar to the core of mango having a red colour

2.      Pituitary gland: - Pituitary gland is also in head and below the Pineal gland. This gland has two lobes which are called anterior and posterior lobes. This gland also regulates other glands and balances them. This gland makes or generates 9 different types of hormones. This gland directly influences height, colour, water level and reproductively. This gland is related to master chakras

3.      Thyroid & Parathyroid gland:-This gland is in neck and makes a thyracine hormone which makes our body as well as our mind healthy. Mental conditions such as tear, fear, sadness, intrude the working of this gland as result health is affected whereas parathyroid gland generates the parathome hormone which balances the calcium & Phosphorus in the body. This gland is behind the Thyroid gland 

4.      Thymus gland: - This gland is near the heart and in middle of the lungs. This gland remains up to the age of 15 years and vanishes thereafter. The main function of this gland is the formation of white count in blood and also responsible for the development of the body

5.      Pancreas gland:- This gland generates the insulin whose main work is to regulate the sugar in the blood

6.      Adrenal gland:-There are two adrenal gland above our two kidneys. These generate five different types of hormones having very specific work.

7.      Ovary and testies glands:-ovary gland founds only in women. The main work of this gland is to control the menstruation cycle in the woman and also helps in pregnancy. Whereas testis gland are found in men only  and controls the sperm

In yoga these different glands are inter related to body chakras as

Pineal gland-                                             Crown chakra
Pituitary gland-                                          Third eye chakra
Thyroid & Parathyroid gland-                  Throat chakra
Thymus gland -                                          Heart Chakra
Pancreas gland -                                        Solar Plexus Chakra
Adrenal gland   -                                        sacral chakra
Ovary and testies glands    -                     Root Chakra

These all chakras have a magical effect on our body. These glands or so called chakra’s does not have any direct control on  the body’s  functions but however hormones generated by them is held responsible for the overall personality of the person. They are not doing work such as our mind, heart, Lungs, lever or intestine etc are doing and also people became sick and even dead if any of these main working organ stops. The different chemicals generated by these glands stabilize our  different organs  and also balances our  mind and body. The generation and formation of these hormones are essential for good mental and physical health therefore these chakras must be balance, curvy and powerful. Unbalance and week chakras make us sick so therefore it is essential to energies our chakras to have a disease free life. Basically these chakra directly show the energy level of our body and if there is any energy leakage in our chakars then it must directly reflects in our life. We can cure many of our illness directly by making our chakra’s balance and powerful. We should work on chakras for good and healthy life. 
Energy Chakra’s and their relations to the glands    Energy Chakra’s and their relations to the glands Reviewed by Devesh nath on June 20, 2018 Rating: 5

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