Sacral chakra cleaning and balancing

Sacral Chakra

Sacral chakra is located below the umbilicus. This chakra is the center of sexual energy. In Hindu spirituality, sacral chakra is imagine as a lotus flower having the six leaves.  This chakra is related to legs, reproductive glands and organs and therefore affects the working of these body parts and related parts. Unstable and week sacral chakra put you in following problems

Losses due to impaired Sacral Chakra:-

 In the event of chakra disorder, the following diseases occurs
1.      Urine related diseases
2.      Intestine diseases
3.      Difficulties in Reproduction
4.      Fatigue and laziness
5.      Day dreaming
6.      Constipation
7.      Sex related problems   
8.      Pain in leg and back
All chakras are considered to have the shape of lotus flower. Here it is assume that sacral chakra have the shape of lotus flower having the six leaves. Sacral chakra is of orange colour
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                                                            Sacral Chakra
Unbalance Sacral Chakra makes the life miserable and end the joy of life.  These chakras takes energy from the higher energy sources and distribute to associated glands and body parts. If these chakras became overactive or imbalance then the work of energy distribution hampers as a result problem or disease associated to particular gland or body part occurs. You can very easily know the health of your chakras with the help of chakra pendulum. When Chakra pendulum is put above any chakra then pendulum rotates clockwise, anticlockwise or zigzag. Anticlockwise and clockwise motion represents the energy exhalation and energy inhalation while zig-zag motion represents that there is energy imbalance in the chakras either chakra is closed or over active. Energy imbalances in the chakras should be stopped and we should take proper care regarding this. There are many methods by which you can very easily energize your chakras and rectify the problem of energy imbalance. Some techniques are so much powerful that you can see the results instantaneously.
We should add such exercise or yoga in our daily routine which energize and balances our chakras system. Any type of physical activity directly or indirectly affects our chakras even our sitting postures also put pressure on our chakras. Well all the yoga postures which involve the stretching of legs and bending in stomach, stimulates our sacral chakra.  While standing and do your body backward and fourth also stimulates our sacral chakra  
Energy healing is also very helpful in energizing as well to balance the chakra. We can invite light red and light green energy to repair sacral chakra. The process is very simple but do it under the guidance of some expert only but if no guidance is available and still you want to do it then invite only the white energy. White energy is safest to use.
While sitting in privacy visualize that light red and light green energies are entering into your sacral chakra and in the same time also visualize that extra energy of sacral chakra is going out of your chakra through your hands. For detailed procedure you can contact us or mail us at
These chakras have magical effect on our body if we keep our chakras in good and well condition then not only we became  healthy but also enjoy our life fullest. For a good and satisfying life our chakras must be balance

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