There is no doubt that thoughts  have far reaching effects but the depth or intensity of their power to create and brings about changes depends directly upon the strength and frequency of their vibration and the degree of emotional tone with which they are charged. Man with ordinary level of Concentration power cannot give any proof of concentrated thought power, But if you raise your concentration, which can be achieve with very less effort u can very easily give proof to not only yourself but others too regarding the concentrated thought power which can bring about changes.
Mind is a Centre of mental energy. We can compare it with electrical forces which when concentrated at one point can melt a hole through a thick steel plate .If mental energy is divided into several thoughts it effectiveness is greatly diminished. Once the single pointedness of the mind is achieved.  Then he no longer remains confined to the haphazard and futile efforts of the average man. He can create whatever he wants from the invisible source of everything that exists. His level of existence in the world became one level above the ordinary man, he can very easily achieve or do those works which seems to others very difficult.
Chaotic, stray or scattered thinking works most of the time negatively. Mental energy is dissipated in useless and ineffective thinking since there is neither a specific direction to thought power nor there is purpose behind it. There is no achievement worth the name. Scattered thought power sets up only feeble vibrations which are unable to invoke the hidden Psychic power. Scattered, Chaotic, or stray thinking reflects a purposeless, negative existence on the physical plane  
Single pointed thinking is positive. Mental energy is concentrated and channelized purposefully towards a specific direction. Single pointed thinking is the basis of all achievement. Concentrated thought power sets up strong rotary vibrations that are capable of invoking hidden psychic power. Single pointed thinking reflects a purposefully positive dynamically healthy existence on the physical plane.  Single pointed thinking reflects a confident poised blissful magnetic personality on the mental plane
             This universe and all that exits in it is a vast field of attracting and repulsing vortices of oscillating waves that pulsate at different waves lengths and frequency and that thought waves which emanates from the human mind are the most potent. Since the strength of a set of vibration depends upon their rate of frequency and wave length. It becomes quit evident why thought waves are the most powerful. However only those thought waves are strong and potent which are generated from the concentrated mental energy. If the source of energy is weak how can the radiating vibration be strong?
             Through the ancient Indian, Egyptian, Chaldean Assyrians, Tibetans and Chinese sages and Philosophers knew about the power of thought vibrations, they could not possibly explain them in the light of modern scientific investigation. But one thing they recognized clearly and openly and it is that of all the different types of vibrations mental vibrations are the most powerful. The reason why an ordinary person cannot utilize the full potentiality of though power is very simple .He does not know how to concentrate his mental energy and direct it in an orderly manner. The sun rays feel warm and pleasant during winter. But when you concentrate them through convex lenses into a beam and let it fall on a piece of paper, it immediately bursts into flames. Similarly when these thought waves which are emanating in different direction are forced to single point then miracles can be done. You can do anything very easily which seems others very difficult. But very few people are able to develop this type of power and no doubt they are wonderful person.
      Developing these types of power or single pointed concentration is not miracle rather it can be develop by the practice. As you practice the different techniques of mind control and as you gain mastery over them you will very easily monitor the different changes in yourself.  Meditation, Yoga and   breath control are different techniques in which you directly connect with your mind and body and control them. As you practice them sincerely you will find that your level of concentration increases. Practice sincerely and regularly altleast one hour a day can make you one level above the remaining

     Meditation is very useful in achieving this single pointed concentration but first we have to prepare for this meditation because there are greater chances to lost in thought world as it is very deep. We should start out journey by technique such as gaze fixation by which we can directly or force fully connects with our mind. This is great technique to learn. By this technique we can learn how to blank our mind. After that relaxation and psychic breathing are also two great techniques to learn and practice. As you advance in these technique, you gain extreme control over your mind and body. You will became the power and gain confidence and courage to achieve anything in your life      


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