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I am sure of one thing that once in a life everyone of us many times heard that what you think you becomes or what you are today is result of your thinking. Basically what we are today is due to our image in our subconscious. Our all the actions, habits, feelings, emotions, thinking style, even very basis and little things are directly associated with our subconscious. Our own image in terms of our habits, feeling, emotions, action are in subconscious and therefore we work according to that only. During day to day activity or any other difficult situation our response is according to memory lies in the subconscious. That’s way we cannot act or work differently from the way we are acting. We act or work according to this internal programming of subconscious and act accordingly. Subconscious does not distinguish between right or wrong, Bad or good whatever is programmed, we work according to that only.
Somehow if we can change this subconscious programming then we can act differently. Affirmations or Telephoto forms are used to change this subconscious programming.

  Affirmation meaning :-   

Affirmation is powerful tool to fulfill  desires. You can form daily affirmations, morning affirmations, positive affirmations, money affirmations, I am affirmation for the success, healing affirmations, love affirmations, confidence affirmations, gratitude affirmations to change your life. These affirmations or telephoto forms when drawl or recite with full faith and confidence regularly and continuously then our subconscious became bound to accept them and things change magically and very soon they come true. You can very easily change your habits, emotions and feelings even you can change the outcome of life events and turn them in your favor and surprise others. This whole process is divided into two mains parts first one is go or attain the desired level of alternate mind and second one is Affirmation or master formula.
Master formula is basically words arrange logically and orderly to form a sentence, which clearly signifies the desire. These are simple sentences forms by using simple words. These sentences look like any ordinary one but while forming them certain rules or some important points are always consider. Like, in every master formula we always avoid the use of words such as not, none, never and similar words. These are negative words and give negative impact to our believe system. While forming the master formula to give up the smoking habit always use words such as
“ I give up the smoking habit for ever for ever or became free from habit of smoking for
whole of my life”
Words and sentences of master formula should be real and complete so that they should be easily visualize. Master formula should also be formed for the attainment of things or fulfillment of our desires. What we recite through master formula is bound to come true, if a master formula is form for the attainment of CAR then it should be as much as concise and specific, you will get the car but it might also happen that you get the car other than as desire by you. So you must always specify your desire clearly while forming the master formula. Master formula awakes your believe system and intense desire rises in you for the attainment of your desire. Your master formula not even aids your believe system but it can also communicate your inner voice to higher powers. These higher powers works magically they does not distinguish between bad or god. For them everything is fine nothing is good, nothing is bad so some unwanted incident might also happen therefore always include words such as happiness, satisfaction, harmony in your master formula.
Master formula works magically. More specifically the phenomena behind the master formula is scientific and logical rather than philosophical or superstition. It has very simple principles. It increases your burning desire and now you really work for the attainment of your desire. It magically changes your thinking. Things which earlier seems to you and others, difficult for you now become easy for you. You automatically gain the required confidence. Things became wonderful when you find others also starts showing the confidence in you. Your thinking your action all starts changing. The people, circumstances, situation involve all turns in your favor and it seems to you that a miracle is happening. You will surprise all the people involved. It is a great thing to learn and apply in the life. If you want to take the course of your life in your hand and do not want to be victim of circumstances then use this master formula approach in your life.

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