what does the solar plexus chakra represent?


Human is one of the most complex creatures in the world and a lot of research is going on to understand this complex creature. A lot of body functions of humans are a mystery and till date, there is no respectful answer available with anybody. Medical science does a lot of progress in the last 100 years and medical instruments that they have invented are fabulous. The test which they perform from these instruments gives very valuable, life-saving information. It is very difficult to obtain this information without these instruments and for a common man, this information is more than magic. No doubt this development in medical science saves life of lots of people but think of the time when there are no such instruments and medical science was in his earlier stage, how difficult it was to save a life at that time.  So with the advancement of technology, realistic, meaningful and useful information has been achieving. Which can be used for the betterment of life?
We can hear and see things according to our strength which is inherent in all of us. The thing which lies outside our range, simply we cannot detect them but still, they exit, directly and indirectly, influences us too.   Similarly,  if we talk about these body chakras, whose existence is not accepted by the modern medical science and they remain as there until a more sophisticated instrument have not been invented which gives realistic information regarding them. Basically they work at a very low unit therefore it is very hard to detect them but no doubt they exist and influence us too. Scholars and philosophers have different opinions regarding not even their position in the body but there Nos too. Till now no standard is applied to them, therefore, chakras are more considered as a philosophy rather than treatment technique. But these chakras are energy centers and have great importance in our life. If our chakras became unbalance then they not only ruin our health but social and mental life too. For a healthy body and mind, your chakras should be balanced and strong. These chakras are basically energy points.
Hindu, chines and some ancient civilization agreed upon the existence of different types of energy points in our body. These energy points are further classified according to their shape, size, and position. These energy points are called chakras. In spirituality, they play a major role and consider responsible for the personality and characteristics of persons. All the illness and diseases enters in the body through these chakras. So all the chakras must be balanced and stable for disease-free life. These body chakras are interrelated to the different glands of our body and these glands have a marvelous effect on our body. These glands make different types of chemical which is known as hormones. The main works of these glands are to make a different hormone that stabilizes the mind and body, protect against diseases and forms our personality.
Dr. Richard Restak clinical professor of Neurology at the George Washington university America explains that the Hypothalamus gland in the mind and Adrenal gland above our kidney controls not only our body functions but our thinking and thought process also. Hypothalamus gland in the mind is very close to Pituitary gland. These glands in the chakra system are interrelated to third eye chakra (Aagya Chakra) and Adrenal gland above the kidney is interrelated to Solar Plexus chakra in Hindhi Manipur Chakara or third chakra or yellow chakra. All chakras more specifically glands does not have any direct effect on our body like our heart, Lungs, Mind, Ear and Mouth etc have. We can still leave without their proper working. but they are more like the colors which gives life to lifeless paintings. Imagine a painting which is without colors and what happens when it is filled with the color. Now the painting becomes alive and attracts everyone. Similarly the hormones which are produced by these glands have marvelous effects on our body system. Our personality became such that it will attract others. To live a happy and enjoyable life these all chakras must be balance and strong. Solar plexus disorder produce many problems. After all Our all the chakras in the body are important but if our Solar plexus chakra became unbalance and weak then it makes our life miserable. 

Solar Plexus imbalance produces the below problems.

Mental illness like
Unknown fear
Lifeless face
 Disease-related to stomach  
Blood pressure
Pain in body and head
Disease of Liver, kidney and blood

By reading the above list you can very easily understand the importance of balance solar plexus chakra. How miserable it can make life if became weak and unbalance solar plexus chakra .This chakra is also called will power chakra. There are many systems available by which you can very easily make your chakra strong. Like exercises and yoga, Concentration on chakras, energize chakras with colors etc.

All the Asana in yoga directly or indirectly stimulates, energize and balances our chakras. Asana works at the microscopic level in our body. There is different asanas for every chakra. Some asana influences only one chakra, some two while some more than two chakras. Bujangasana, Dhanurasana, and Trikonasana are the most effective asana to balance and energize the Solar Plexus chakra. We have to do these asanas very slowly and wait or count up to 20 after attaining the targeted position of these asanas. Not particular to this asana every asana should be done very slowly and wait or count up to 20 after attaining the targeted position of that asana. Then only the full benefit of that position will be achieved. These asanas are simple and one can learn them at self-pace also but it is advisable to learn them in the guidance of some instructor. Another very simple technique to stimulate solar plexus chakra is by jumping. Stretch your both hands in the frontward direction so that other people hold them easily or you can hold something which is stationary and cannot interfere in your jumping. Now start jumping  as much high as you can and do it  5  to 10 minutes. You have to jump in at upward and downward direction, as much as high you can. This is wonderful, simple and very effective technique to energize the Solar Plexus chakra.
 One more wonderful technique to energize and balance chakra is, energize them through different colors. There is one well know saying in meditation that energy follows our thought. We can send, receive and concentrate energy by simply thinking about that particular thing in our mind and it will be another matter that how much change it will create in that thing. This technique required to be learned and practiced. like mathematics, we can learn it, but it required to be practiced again and again to gain mastery over it. Similarly, this technique is very simple but it required to be practice to gain mastery over it. After gaining mastery over it you can very easily balance any one of your chakras in more than no time. If you learn this technique then you will also get many other benefits too.
 Sit in any comfortable position or lie down on your bed comfortably but remember your back should be straight. Now concentrate on your breath and imagine that you are drawing electromagnetic white color energy in the form of oxygen from the universe through your nostrils. Imagine such that you are collecting the electromagnetic energy from the universe and radiating that energy on each and every chakra one by one during exhaling. Starts from Root chakra, sacral chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third eye chakra & Crown chakra. You have to radiate white electromagnetic energy one by one on each and every chakra exhalings of breath. Now again repeat the same process right from the crown chakra to root chakra. This is called one complete cycle. In one sitting complete 7 such cycles. This is the cleaning technique of chakra and It will also make your all charka balance, strong and energetic. But if you are a trap by any diseases especially as mention above then invite light green and light blue color energy one by one on your solar plexus chakra. Imagine such that light blue and light green color energy are entering your solar plexus chakra and making the solar plexus chakra strong, balance, powerful and energetic. Solar plexus chakra can be imagined as Lotus flower having the ten leaves. It is shown as below

                                                       Solar Plexus Symbol

Yellow is the color of solar plexus chakra therefore it is also called third chakra. Imagine it lotus flower having ten leaves. All the leaves should be straight. Balance, strong and energetic solar plexus chakra is the secret of a happy life

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