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Success is defined by everybody in his own way and there is no hard and fast rule for success. Success is no such thing which you can bind in the principle but still, I find many people who loves to give rules for the success. God knows how much they are effective but I see many people with least efforts and getting maximum success whereas some people indulge like a plodder but still there success is below the threshold level. One such type of incident happens in my own life too and very proudly I will say that it happens with me. During my post graduation classes, where everybody seriously indulges with study and wants to proof himself better than their other companions I am the person who surprises everyone there. I come up in a second position in merit and surprises others. I am the person, who devotes very less time to study, average and unpredictable too but beats everybody there, but at last, they all appreciate me and praises my intelligence too.

  " Positive Affirmations for Money, Prosperity health and Protection can change your life"

I know many people with average qualities having extraordinary achievements. Surely they are above in something as compare to their other companion’s i.e. they achieve more. To achieve any success you have to be different and do different things. Success is like a disk in which you need different types of ingredients. Each and every ingredient must be there in the disk of success. Then only you prepare and taste the disk of success if any ingredient is missing then achieving success becomes impossible and uncertain too. The ingredient of success varies right from your hard work to your luck, some you can control and some you cannot control directly. Therefore cooking the disk of success is difficult but still some people cook it so well that it seems, they have a specialisation in it.
Basically, our success depends upon our constant attempt with unshaken confidence and will to achieve the target. We can lose our goal very easily if we distract from our path. Hence the main thing is to maintain rhythm with full confidence and faith. In other words, a hundred percent focus should be needed for the achievement of goals and no doubt benevolence from the almighty god. You must be constantly and fully motivated towards your goal and must be ready to combat any hurdle that arises in the path of success. Here I can give one full page preach on how to achieve success and at last, you became frustrated and leave the topic. So the point is you can achieve extraordinary success with ordinary capabilities too. Before any success to materialize in the outer reality it should be realized internally first. Any success before taking place in reality in the outer world happens in your mind and internally first. If you vividly visualize your success then it will realized in the outer world sooner or later. Vividly visualize means clearly forms the picture in your mind. Those who are familiar with it know it very well but those who listen to it the first time, I must say that as soon as you start doing dynamic Visualization you will be surprised to see its result. You can solve any problem, achieve any target and success, and fulfill your desire, through visualization. You can understand the importance of visualization by this fact that every successful man knowingly or unknowing use power of visualization. How much you can use and how much advantage you can take from this visualization depends upon you.

This process of visualization is divided into two parts, first one is to recite your master formula or affirmation to know about master formula click here
 slowly and rhythmically in your mind and second one, visualize that master formula (mentally see in your mind) in the privacy of your room or some silent palace.

Master formula is basically words arrange logically and orderly to form a sentence, which clearly signifies the desire. These are simple sentences forms by using simple words. These sentences look like any ordinary one but while forming them certain rules or some important points are always remember. Like, in every master formula we always avoid the use of words such as not, none, never and similar words. These are negative words and give negative impact to our believe system. Words and sentences of master formula should be real and complete so that they should be easily and clearly visualize. So you must always specify your desire clearly while forming the master formula. Master formula awakes your believe system and intense desire rises in you for the attainment of your desire. Your master formula not even aids your believe system but it can also communicate your inner voice to higher powers. These higher powers work magically, and they does not distinguish between bad or good. For them everything is fine nothing is good, nothing is bad, so it is also possible that some unwanted incident might also happen during your desire attainment period, therefore always include words such as happiness, satisfaction, harmony in your master formula or affirmations. Here some master formula or affirmations are given which can change your life. So recite and  Visualize your master formula in the privacy and form your image at your mental plane in white clour frame, such that they are not coming true but as, they are true. After regularly practicing the above for some time.  You will see the magic and find yourself to do such thing or such thing are happening naturally which aids in the process of completing your form picture. You will meet such people who are ready to help you or you can do such a thing which can make you different from others. One such thing which I observe in one of my friend, when he starts reciting his master formula for the good marks is that he starts to study in early hours as early as 4.00 AM, in his academics. I became very surprised to see how much change has come in him. Earlier He always used to wake up very late in the morning, always come late in classes too. One time he almost leaves his practical examination because he is one hour late but at last teacher allows him after getting mercy on him. Now he has changed very much, which is very astonishing? Try once in your life to have extraordinary results. Some master formula or Positive Affirmations for Money, Prosperity, Health and Protection is given below. If you want to achieve these things then recite and visualize any one of them. You can also form the master formula or affirmation of your choice but always remember the rules. You can also write us to form any affirmation or master formula of your choice. Recite any below master formula of your choice and at dotted visualize it completely and vividly.

 Positive Affirmations for Money and Prosperity

“I see myself enjoying prosperity…a sudden increase in abundance… continuous for the rest of my days…”

“ I see a golden river of glittering money pour into my life…filling it with  sunshine.. ..Happiness…contentment….”

“I see everything I touch turning to gold…. every enterprises….every endeavor…..I undertake bring me the maximum rewards….values…without risks or loss of any kind….I see life making me know...its joys...its  happiness..”

“I see myself...blessed with good fortune… sharing with others ….helping others along the way…”


“I see myself possessing……rupees by the …..Month …day of the year…”

Do not wonder how you would get the desired amount of money. Just believe implicitly in hidden psychic power and continue your session regularly and faithfully. You must expect your desire to come true with all your faith at your command. There is no lack of money in the world. If it seems to be then lack is in you and if you will stop seeing lack and see abundance you will make as much money as you desire. But there must always be action.
Work hard and sincerely at your business or profession or follow the lead given by hidden psychic power in the form of the little voice with in asking you to do a certain thing. On no account ignore the voice. Follow it with all the might at your command. It is also advisable to add the below telephoto form to have a financial security

I see myself having an adequate steady income…. a house…of my own ..a fat bank balance……
I see myself ever enjoying  financial security…

 Positive Affirmations for Dynamic health

I see myself enjoying radiant health …..Always forever…...
I see myself ….abounding in vim ….vigour…. vitality......Stamina….regenerative energy…youthful resilience….. Always ….. forever..
I see myself radiating vibration of perfect health….. Well being …. Harmony… super fitness….
I see myself… perfectly healthy… normal… in all respect … always … for ever……
I see myself … blessed with an alert mind… and a health relaxed but active body…….

The daily dialing of above affirmation or master formula works wonder. Just dial it regularly and see the result for yourself. Visualize yourself abounding in health radiant health having all the attributes of physical fitness in yourself. Feel the joy of being healthy and soon healthful vibrations will be set up inside and all around yourself keeping you radiant healthy and fit in all respect

Positive Affirmations for  Power, safety and protection

I see myself blessed with mighty iron fist… to protect myself…..
I see my arms … bands….legs…..possessing superhuman… strength to serve me … when necessary……..
 I see my body tough…. strong and immune to all injury…
 I see myself … blessed with the mighty power to fend all enemies.. Put down all foes... with magnetic aura which surrounds me like a shield … repelling all negative… harmful … evil influences…. Attracting  good luck…. favorable situation.. ..Good fortune

Imagine that protective vibration have formed an impregnable magnetic shield around you which effectively repulse all evil vibrations, all ill luck. Practice the above atleast daily once preferably twice. You will find that you will be on or sunny side of life. You continuously ran into good luck and pleasant experience and that you are miraculously being protected from all possible harms, misfortune or accidents

You will also surprise to find that all those people who try to put you down disappointed when they come in contact with your protective aura

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