Seven Different bodies of human beings

Humans are one of the most wonderful and complex creature of the world. As compared to other creatures they are gifted with many qualities by nature which makes them more superior than their other counterparts. Their Anatomical structure and suble body makes them different from other creatures but in some things they posses similarilty with animals too. Similar to other animals humans not only lives in group but they have also formed civilization. Which greatly influenced their life. These all impacts our life and makes our personality and character. There are some other factors also which influences our life on much deeper level. Their influence on our life are so much intense that all other factors became negligent. Some very important and different characteristics of our personality develops with the advancement of our age. One more thing which not only develops but forms completly is our different Bodydies associated with that particular age. There are seven different bodies accociated with the human being. These all seven bodies develop and forms completely with the advancement of t ime.These all seven bodies are like a seven different stations in our life journey. After completing the journey of preceding station then only  afterward station journey can be started. There are very few who completed their whole journey. Every human is seems to be passenger of one of these seven different bodies.Understanding the seven different bodies of human being helps tremendously  to have a general idea regarding any human.

Every man has his own Hobies, qualities, and persanality which is very similar to the charateristics of the body in which he is present at that time. The thinking and hobies of person present in Astral body is different from the person present in Mental body. It is possible that person present in astral body likes movies,firting and other similar thing while the person present in mental body likes literatre,painting etc. As you advances towards the higher bodies you likes and gains the artistics qualities. The interest, habit, nature and overall personality of any individual very much depend upon these different bodies of a person. If you have a good understanding of these bodies then you can very easily predict the nature and personality of a person by only knowing very little about him. Nobody is able to hide from your instincts.  your observations are almost vivid and clear. Understanding these different bodies help in understanding the basic nature of anyone and no doubt you can help as well protect yourself and others too. These bodies are like a stages, by completing one stage we enters into the other stage, then other and then other. Till we reach the last stage which is called Body less body or nirvana. But they are very few people who reaches there.Completing one stage and enters into the other very much depends upon efforts, will power and energy. There is a deep relation between our attitude, nature and characteristic, with the stages or bodies in which we are present. As we move towards higher bodies our mind, character and personality became more vivid and poise  as compare to the past. When we saw somebody then a very small part of his personality is seen to us while the major part remains hidden or the body which we are seeing is the outermost and other important bodies are behind it. By the knowledge of these different types of bodies you can very easily know the truthfulness of any individual irrespective of how good, he is showing himself

                                                             Physical Body

 Here physical body refers only to the formation of our body which almost completed up to the age of seven years. The physical body develops and increases thereafter also.   Physical Body forms upto seven years of age. More specifically this Physical, Biological and mental growth is known as the Physical body of child and it must be completely formed during this period. In Physical body, the child expresses themselves like an animal therefore it is said that animals only have the physical body. Feeling and emotions are not rises in them. They bound and revolve around their anger, love and tenacity. There are some humans whose only physical body forms and there further development stops there only. They remain and present themselves as a child of seven years to others for their whole life. They learn anything by just copying others. They are far away from the higher human characteristics and qualities.  This person lives the life similar to animals and dies thereafter.

                                                               Etheric body

 From 7 to 14 years of age etheric body or more specifically emotional body forms. In ethetic body, feeling starts arising. He naturally feels love and affection for his loved ones and starts building a relationship with others. A tendency of human beings is created in this body and now human consider themself superior to the animals. Now he understands and follows the disciplines of society and no doubt became the part of society. A sexual feeling also rises in him as soon as he reaches 14 years of age. In this body feelings dominants, therefore he wants to leave accordingly irrespective of right or wrong. The person leaving in the etheric body is always tired with their feelings and therefore always revolves around some other people, situation or circumstances. It is very easy to dominant or manipulates the persons living in the etheric body. They lack the necessary counter-power which is called reasoning and perception in this body. These types of people are always on the edge of being used by another person because feelings always dominant them. There are some humans whose only etheric body forms and their further progress stops there only. They remains for 14 years for their rest of life and they can’t further progress.

                                                                  Astral body

 This body forms upto the age of twenty-one years. In this body-mind, reasoning & thought power develops. This body forms up to the age of 21 years of age. This is the body in which full physical and intellectual maturities have been attained. As soon as one attains the 21 years of age, he said to achieve the adulthood stage. Now he is eligible for many rights which earlier not available to him like now he casts vote, in some country minimum age required for casting the vote is 21 years, he can do marriage and make his own family and also do some job or business. These people can do the thinking and clearly understand the profit and loss of their actions. It has been said that they gain the required quality of prudence which is essential to accomplish any work or task. They work according to their intelligence and thought power.  The person living in the astral body has their own thought power which has developed due to numerous factors like society, culture and of course their own circumstances. It is hard to influence Astral body humans because they have their own thought & thinking. They are always influenced by the people who have similar thoughts as they have. There are some people also who remains in the Astral body and they are not able to develop their remaining bodies.

                                                                     Mental body

 Thought influences in Astral body while mind influences in the mental body. This body develops from twenty-one years to twenty-eight years. This body is more deep and dense as compare to astral body. In astral body thought dominants, while in mental body-mind becomes dominant. Mind plays the leading role in this body that’s why this body is more deep and intense. Initially a thought only influences him but can’t change him but here emotionalize imagination can change him. In this body, people becomes an art lover. They develops or enjoy artistic qualities like painting, poetry, dancing etc.  According to thoughts and emotions different hobbies and qualities awaken in them. Spiritual powers like Telepathy, Clairvoyance, and Hypnosis all are possibility of this body. Kundali  also awaken in this body or during this stage. According to spirituality, this body is dangerous because in this body-mind influences more towards the powers and after gaining spiritual powers he lost his real goal and at last betrays himself and others also. All the spiritual powers are possibilities of this body. Very few people are able to develop their mental body.

                                                                      Spiritual body

 Those who successful develop their mental body and awakens their kundalini in the mental body that enters into this spiritual body. Developing a Spiritual body is too far away because first kundalini has to be awaken in the Mental body, then only one enters into the Spiritual body.  In spiritual body soul, Spirit or Ataman not remains the word, became the experience. There are very few who enters into this Spiritual body and continue their further journey of bodies formation because most individual after achieving the experience of soul, accept it is, the end of their Journey. They stop their only. But according to some other great spiritual gurus realization of supreme God or supreme power is the ultimate goal which can be attained in other higher bodies.

                                                                      Cosmic Body

The sixth body is the cosmic body. This can be developed from thirty five years to forty two years. This body can be attain by only those who are ready to lose their Fifth body i.e. Spiritual body. Those who attain this body are called twice born or Dwija.

                                                                     Bodyless body 

The seventh body is called the bodyless body. This is the supreme stage where nothing remains and everything is lost. In this body only consciousness remains and the body becomes secondary. In this stage existence of body is lost. Budda said this stage as a Nirvana. Great yogis attain this stage. In this stage, the body became perished but still there is consciousness. Great yogis lost their souls in this stage. Last year I have heard about incidents happens in Himachal Pradesh in India where the body of a yogi is found in a sitting position which is almost perished. Ants almost finishes most of the parts of the body. The body which remains shows the sign of consciousness.

Very few people belongs to these higher bodies, most of the individual which we encounter in our daily life belongs to these physical, etheric, astral, mental and some times spiritual bodies too. The general outline draw regarding the characteristic of human helps tremendously to clearly understand others.

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