Law of Attraction

These days law of attraction is becoming very popular as compare to previous time, when there are very few who know about it. Now a day when there is anything regarding achieving any success, full filling dreams, powerful and dynamic personality or some other kind of goal, problem then anonymously law of attraction comes in to mind of those who knew it or law of attraction is prescribe or advised to those who do not know about it by those who know it and use it. No doubt law of attraction is gaining popularity. On Internet too there are lot of videos and books available which describes law of attraction and similar things. Collectively they all are similar. Recently while browsing internet I find a video regarding law of attraction. Which suggest that ask universe for everything, fill a desired amount in the cheque and very soon you receive the amount. Ask universe for a particular parking in the parking lot and universe provide that parking to you. That particular space will get vacant when you go there for parking. There are some other articles also which warns about the law of attraction and suggest to avoid it. I also use law of attraction numerous time and at this point I think to share some very unique and important information with the lovers of law of attraction. These days law of attraction is presented like a magic with tremendous power. Of course it is similar to magic but its whole phenomena is based on firm foundation of perseverance, hard work, circumstances and benevolence from the mighty powers. Its working can be understand. In my view it is whole scientific.  

Power of law of attraction

    I am using law of attraction since my adulthood and full filed my many desires. But not at any point i find it magical or something extra ordinary. It is scientific whose working can be easily understood but before that there is secret wisdom of universe which you must know. If you desire something from deep of your heart then whole universe aids you in achieving it. Power of law of attraction turns Circumstances, opportunities, luck, people and  all other necessary things naturally in your favor. Basically law of attraction rises intense desire. Awakening of this desire is the key of success and makes one capable to make successful and rigid steps towards his goal. Never waste this power to achieve the unnecessary things like desire parking space in parking lot or such things because the intense desire which rises, makes you so much anxious that you became ready to even buy or take on rent or by some other means the things which you have desired. Hence be careful  also while using law of attraction.

  And of course there are some harms and disadvantages but they are not so much harmful that it makes you ill. If applied efficiently and properly then everything will be fine and desired result will be gain. Many times in my life I use Law of attraction. One such incident is related to my student life. My marks are continously deceasing in every semester . After getting upset from my regular failure  i decided to take the help of master formula . I form my master formula and starts reciting. From the First day, i got good results. First I successfuly gained back my concentration which i had lost. All the issues which was responsible for my poor performance starts dimishing from my life. In morning I started to recite my master formula. After some days I find very constructive and aggressive changes in myself. An internal eagerness rises in me for good marks. I started to wake up as early as 3.0 am in night and starts my study. Hunger rises for the knowledge which was hidden in the books. Now I want to know everything about the topics in syllabus. Some mighty power was supporting me. My brain was working like a computer. Studying one time was sufficient to remember things. My interaction in class with teachers became excellent. Intelligent and sharp students wants to know my concepts. I gain very deep knowledge about the subjects which have no match among my competitors. No doubt I surprise every one there. I got second position in next semester and first position in after that semester. This is the one of the achievement of my life where I proof myself superior in front of very sharp and intelligent minds.

One another incident where i successfully solved my problem with the help of law of attraction is related to my neighbor. Once one of my neighbor did one such construction which was very seriously going to affect rest of my life. I talk to him but not able to convince him to broke the construction. My other neighbors were also in my favour  but they all were also not able to convinced him. Nothing was going in my favour. I talk to him many time but there was verbal combat, quarrel even fight but with no solution. There was no chance to convince him. At last I use law of attraction and pictured in mind as that particular construction had broken and new construction had been done according to my desire on which no one has any objection. After some time suddenly I heard that now he was ready to break the construction. All things were happen so naturally that he never believed that all things were created by law of attraction.

  One another problem that I solve with the law of attraction was related to my job. Once i wanted to get transfer to some other office and give application for the same. But nobody get bothered about it and it becomes record of the file. Again I decided to use law of attraction. Within 2 days of reciting the master formula i accidently meet one of my previous boss who was now in very good and respectable position in organization. He understand my feelings and promises to help me. In fact I also help him in my way. He recommended me to one of the office which was very close to my home and also in desired list. Magic happens I not only transfer to that office within month but I also got the desired room in the office which I had dream of. Later I realized I should go for one secretary too because that was the thing which I misses there.
   These are some of the common problems which I solved with the help of law of attraction. There are some great ones too. It is big list and contains my various achievements including how I gave up the habit of smoking. Anyone can use law of attraction. It can be used on various aspect and problems of life. When any one use Law of attraction to fulfill his desire or solve any problem then an intense desire rises to achieve the target. Rising of this intense desire which is also called as perseverance is the turning point. The moment it rises it makes anxious to achieved the desire result. Now one comes out from its comfort zone and starts working seriously to fulfill his desires. Restlessness and anxiety which has developed is boon because it remains in the prescribe limit which is very essential to achieve the target. Basically Law of attraction uses the power of thoughts. On an aveage million of thoughts of different types rises in the human mind and these thoughts does not have enough power to be materalized in the outer world. Our thoughts should have enough power so that when they are projected on mental screen creates the reality. Week thoughts are always doubtfull in nature they does not have the power of belief and firmness which is one of the  requirement .Week and insufficient power thoughts cannot create any reality rather they put them selves in danger. In some circumtences they also get the result but they are not as desired one. Thoughts generated from calm, strong and powerful mind are most potent and have the ablity to be materialized in the outer world. Therefore thought power must be increased efficiently to use law of attraction. Even if a mind which was trap in  depression, anxiety or some other kind of illness are treated with yoga and meditation and charge with the law of attraction then very soon comes out of anxiety and depression. His power is also increased tremendously and better able to use  his power.
 One another thing which I have noticed when someone uses Law of attraction is having good and favorable circumstances and benevolence from the mighty powers. Circumstances naturally comes in favor. People became ready to help . Accidently you meet someone who is ready to help you. it seems to you that whole universe is helping you to get your desired thing.There is positive change in perception of people regarding you.  There will be positive changes in yourself too. Every problem of life but not violating the law of nature and life can be solve or control with the law of attraction. Good marks in an examination, Higher paying Job, good and satisfying partner, riches, mind and body strength, peace and harmony as well as to come out of any disease including mental problems,to give up bad habit all are possible with the help of Law of attraction.

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