Understanding the law of attraction

The secret of attraction

All evidence, both scientific and metaphysical points to the existence of a limitless Universal Power which pervades the universe and is manifested in all forms of life, energy and mental activity. Thus all the personal manifestations of mind in ourselves and others are small centers of mental energy in the great ocean of hidden Psychic power.

Thought vibrations originates in and from our mind. Actually it is the brain itself that is the transformer or converter of mental energy into thought waves. Science as well as Occult teaching tell us that in all mental processes there is a burning up of brain substance or nervous matter, just as there is a burning-up of the element in an electric battery. Both brain and battery convert or transform static energy into its dynamic form. Science shows us there is a production or generation of heat in the development of mental energy in the brain. The temperature of brain rises when it is employed in active thinking which shows that energy is being consumed.

Thus the more concentrated is thought power, the more intense will be their vibration. And it is the intensity of thought vibrations that sets up powerful oscillations in the all-pervading Psychic Fluids energy directing them towards others in whom they induce similar mental states. In this way the other person is influenced by the thought waves projected by you
Although investigation has reported electrical change in the brain for many years, it was not until 1929 that Hans Berger a German Scientist come forth with his theory of these electrical changes in the brain.  When you asleep and in absence of conscious activity, the frequency of the electrical changes is at 1 to 2 cycles per second.  When you are consciously thinking or working intensely on something the frequency rises to between 40 to 50 cycles per second. But when mental energy is brought in an organized manner into super-conscious focus or single pointed concentration, the frequency of electrical changes in the brain rises to far above this rate. In other words the greater the rate of electrical changes in the brain, the more intense and rapid is the frequency of thought waves. And only thought waves or mental current of white-heat intensity are able to travel far and wide and create effective ripple in the great ocean of Psychic power 
Hence we are all little Centre’s of mental activity in the great ocean of Psychic power, the medium of mental waves. The mental waves generating in your mind pass on their vibration to the great ocean of Psychic power which travel on until they reach other mind in which they tends to reproduce the original vibration or mental states, just as heat waves produce heat in the object with which they strike. The more intense and the more concentrated are the mental waves the more powerfully they strike other minds, the more powerfully things and circumstances are affected. Now you must always remember that your mind is a center of mental activity in the great Psychic Ocean as other are.
However these Centre’s of energy are of varying degree of force and activity. We may call the strong ones positive and the weak ones negative. So according to their varying degrees of the intensity of vibrations, each Centre is positive to some and negative to others. These Centre of mental activity set up vibrations and broadcast them all around by means of the ocean of great hidden Psychic power inducing similar vibrations or mental states in other mental Centre’s, setting up strong vibrations than the weaker ones they may have, making their minds positive whereas they were formerly negative towards you.This is the way how we influence others or others mentally influence us. This is how we transmit and receive thought waves.

Each mental Centre has in effect two poles of activity ,one of which has impelling, drawing, pushing ,forcing, urging ,directing activity the action always being outwards and the other drawing in, pulling attracting the action always being inwards. One seems to act as broadcasting Centre and other as the receiving as the receiving end
By this please don’t take that there are two different mental Centre’s within the overall Centre. No they are two poles or forms of the same energy. They are simple the manifestation of the same force the mental force. All this means that we must develop our mental power to that pitch of vibration when we can effectively invoke the hidden psychic power to work for us

This we cannot do if our bodies and minds are mass of struggling and feuding in harmonies. In order to set up higher mental vibrations we must first learn to concentrate our thought power or mental energy. Mental vibrations can work effectively only when they are concentrated. When they are immunized against inharmonious vibrations which try to enter our mental fields and scatter our thought forces all around. The first requisite, therefore to awaken the psychic power or set up rotary vibrations is to bring the mental activity under conscious control. The mind is to be trained much in the same way as a dancer trains his muscles by constant regular practice       

The strong mental current are capable of setting up rotating mental currents resembling whirlpools in the psychic ocean. These rotary magnetic currents are capable to draw things, persons, ideas, circumstances attracting them by reasons of their particular photo plasmic pattern of vibrations, while things which do not fall in that pattern of vibrations comparatively remains unaffected. This is done by directing a beam of concentrated thought waves to travel out in the desired direction, towards the desired objects or individual mind Centre
 Concentrated mental vibrations are so powerful that they can easily tune into Hidden Psychic power setting up such highly powerful vibrations that things begin to take shape according to your desire. The things resources, opportunities, circumstances and the people you need are attracted towards you automatically. You are guided in thought and actions to think the thoughts and do the things that will bring the realization of your heart’s desire .Things happen so naturally that often you don’t even realize that Hidden Psychic Power was doing all this for you.

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