Thoughts are Energy

The Sages of the past and the scientist of today both agree that everything that exist consists of vibrations oscillating at different frequencies and wave lengths and all this vibrations are the result of force or energy. But how is it that things seems so solid and concrete to us?

     Science has proof that largest star hurtling through the heavens or the smallest particle of sand on the shore of an ocean are nothing but organized collections of atoms –the building blocks of everything that exists .And when we split the atoms we find that it is nothing but a tiny organized vortex of negative and positive charges –protons and electrons –revolving at a terrific speed around a nucleus of statics energy .This means that everything is in a continuous state of motion. Nothing is still ever

      And this incredible revolving speed gives us the illusions of firmness and stability. In order to appreciate this fact let us take the example of a revolving table fan. A Fan has three wings which you can easily count when they are not revolving. Now switch on the fan at low speed the wings revolve but you can still make them out to a certain extend. But when you switch the Fan to top speed ,you cannot make out the wings .Instead it seems as if a solid circular disc was shining and shimmering although an object may seemingly appears to be motionless and stationary, in reality it is not so. Even the hardest steel is nothing but an organized mass of atoms and atoms, as we have seen are nothing but organized charges of energy revolving at terrific speed. Actually what makes the difference between an object and the other is the difference of the number of the electrons and protons in their respective atoms and the way those atoms are organized in that substance. For example an atoms of mercury contains eight positive charges protons and eight negative charges electrons all of which revolve around the central charge of static energy (nucleus).while an atom of platinum contains seventy eight positive charges the negative being the same as in the atoms of mercury

    Thus difference in the number of electrical charges in an atoms and the special arrangement of the atoms in the formation of the molecules of different substances are ultimately responsible for the differences in their chemical and physical characteristic. Take away one single atom from the molecules of a certain substance and its vibrations will change from the being beneficial to life into a deadly poison.

   Consequently, it is change in the rate of vibration that bring about changes in things .Take electrical vibrations for instance. when you pass them through a resistance you change their oscillations and frequency so that heat is produced; when the same vibrations is pass through filament they change into light vibrations and when you pass them through a converting valve they change into electromagnetic waves which you receive through your radio set. All these different forms of the same energy have different qualities dependent upon the rate of vibrations. This change in vibrations change in their frequencies and wavelength is responsible for the apparent differences in the shapes forms and qualities of different things


The universe –a spectrum of vibrations


   Now we can picture the universe as a vast spectrum of vibrations oscillating at different frequencies .If one range of frequency expressed itself as solid ,Liquid and gas, other range are sensed by us as sound , heat, light and electricity, X-rays through and also other forms of vibrations about which we know almost nothing

     What we know as a sound are the vibrations that travel at a rate of 1100 feet per second through the denser vibrations of air atmosphere and are conveyed to our brain through the receivers in the ear .The human ear can detect only the sound waves produced through a range of vibrations from 32,000 to 38,000 frequencies per sec. Sound waves above this range (Ultrasonic) are audible to certain animals like dog but not to the human ear

    The still higher vibrations are those of heat of which we became aware through the sensitive nerve endings in our skin. We can sense heat vibrations of a certain range only .heat vibrations above this range will burns the skins and below that range the brain will not register them as heat.

   Further up the scale of the frequency of vibrations, we come to light and colour vibrations which the brain register through the eye. The human eye is sensitive only to the light vibrations that lie within the spectrum red being at the bottom and violet at the top .Above the violet light rays are the ultraviolet which are invisible to the human eye .At this range the wavelength becomes so short and the frequency so rapid that they pass through certain solids without being stopped or hampered in any way. That is the reason why ultraviolet vibration pass through the eye and why we do not perceive them

   Similarly the light waves below the red vibrations (Infra-red light waves) are comparatively so slow and sluggish that human eye is unable to register them. However there are some animals of the night such as owl, cats and others who are able to do so. That is the reason that they can even see in the darkest of nights

   Above the ultra violet are the X-ray vibrations that are so rapid that they can penetrate far more solids than the ultra violet vibrations.

Then there are the electromagnetic vibrations which in common parlance are called radio waves. These vibrations are so rapid that they travel at a rate of 18600 miles per seconds> these are the waves which when transmitted by a broadcasting station are received by your receiving set. The singer sings a song i.e. produced sound waves which are converted at the broadcasting station into electromagnetic waves .when you tune in your receiving set to their frequency and wave length it receives them as such and again converts then into sound waves the songs which is being sung at the broadcasting stations

   Higher up the scale just how high no one seems to know at present are the vibrations generated by the human minds the through waves that can penetrate through the densest solids and travel thousands of miles instantaneously!

Thoughts Vibration as an Energy

    Thought vibrations originates in and from our mind. Actually it is the brain itself that is the transformer or converter of mental energy into thought waves. Science as well as Occult teaching tell us that in all mental processes there is a burning up of brain substance or nervous matter, just as there is a burning-up of the element in an electric battery. Both brain and battery convert or transform static energy into its dynamic form. Science shows us there is a production or generation of heat in the development of mental energy in the brain. The temperature of brain rises when it is employed in active thinking which shows that energy is being consumed.




     The more concentrated is thought power, the more intense will be their vibration. And it is the intensity of thought vibrations that sets up powerful oscillations in the all-pervading Psychic Fluids energy directing them towards others in whom they induce similar mental states. In this way the other person is influenced by the thought waves projected by you

Although investigation has reported electrical change in the brain for many years, it was not until 1929 that Hans Berger a German Scientist come forth with his theory of these electrical changes in the brain. When you asleep and in absence of conscious activity, the frequency of the electrical changes is at 1 to 2 cycles per second. When you are consciously thinking or working intensely on something the frequency rises to between 40 to 50 cycles per second. But when mental energy is brought in an organized manner into super-conscious focus or single pointed concentration, the frequency of electrical changes in the brain rises to far above this rate. In other words the greater the rate of electrical changes in the brain, the more intense and rapid is the frequency of thought waves. And only thought waves or mental current of white-heat intensity are able to travel far and wide and create effective ripple in the great ocean of Psychic power 

     Concentrated mental vibrations are so powerful that they can easily tune into Hidden Psychic power setting up such highly powerful vibrations that things begin to take shape according to your desire. The things resources, opportunities, circumstances and the people you need are attracted towards you automatically. You are guided in thought and actions to think the thoughts and do the things that will bring the realisation of your heart’s desire .Things happen so naturally that often you don’t even realise that Hidden Psychic Power was doing all this for you.


     There is no doubt that thoughts  have far reaching effects but the depth or intensity of their power to create and brings about changes depends directly upon the strength and frequency of their vibration and the degree of emotional tone with which they are charged. And once the single pointedness of the mind is achieve one can bore through the shell of illusion to the very truth and essence of life. One can easily invoke the hidden Psychic power to wield and mould the shape of his future. Then he no longer remains confined to the haphazard and futile efforts of the average man. He can create whatever he wants from the invisible source of everything that exist. His level of existence in the world became one level above the ordinary man, he can very easily achieve or do those works which seems to others very difficult.  







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