Grounding visualization

In today's fast-moving life where modern medical science has achieved remarkable progress, and discovered the treatment of most problems, ancient and natural treatments still have their importance. They are still first preferences for the people who believe and know about these practices. These treatment practices are very near to nature and based on the principle that our body is made up of five most important elements which include water, air, earth, ether and fire.  When the harmony of these five elements gets disturbed then it creates disturbance in our health. In modern times Our eating habits and our lifestyle are not aligned with these basic elements hence rate of getting caught by diseases has become greater as compared to previous time. There are many effective, cheap and daily life-related activities that can be very helpful in living a joyful and healthy life. One such type of activity is grounding. Which is very simple, anyone can perform it. It simply means to bring your body in direct contact with the ground.

 Benefits of Grounding.

There are references regarding the benefits of grounding in ancient texts and religious books, which state that it may be used in a wide variety of problems and illnesses. However, after modernization and tremendous discoveries in medical science, it became less popular and remains limited to only those who do not break their relationship with nature. Now after some research on grounding, it again comes into the limelight and everyone is astonished to find out its usefulness, advantages, and reliability but the more important thing is, it needs more extensive study and research. It may be possible that it comes out to be more advantageous.

As per experts and research available when we connect our body to the earth  there is an exchange of free charge particles between the earth and the body. These charge particles (free electrons) spread over the body and produce antioxidant effects which not only prevent the formation of spices which slow down the process of healing but they also help in creating healthy tissues. Painful wounds having the grounding treatment for at least 30 minutes daily can be completely healed in two to three weeks. Grounding also helps in reducing the blood viscosity which is the major cause for developing the risk of cardiovascular events. Research has shown that grounding produces measurable differences in the concentration of white blood cells and other important molecules involved in the inflammatory response. It is highly effective in reducing the pain. One other major advantage of Grounding is it regulates the levels of Cortisol hormone in the body. Research has shown levels of cortisol hormone return to a normalized pattern after a grounding treatment. Cortisol is a hormone produced by our two adrenal glands. His irregularity in the body affects almost all the processes and adversely affect our hearts, lungs,  increase obesity, anxiety, and depression.

There is a special significance of grounding in Yoga and meditation. There are asanas for grounding the body. In the process of kundali awakening too grounding is given importance. It is believed that our first chakra which is called muladhara chakra or base chakra should be grounded. In the ungrounded state, one may feel insecure, frightened and disconnected from the world around him. In the ungrounded position, one invites many different types of problems. These are those problems that medical science does not consider as diseases. These are small changes in mood, behavior and attitude that create problems in life and have no standard treatment available, like in an ungrounded state one does not identify the physical and emotional sensations of agitation and fear, not able to think clearly and vividly, does not able to take decisions, Low concentration and not able to clearly understand others view. If these symptoms are not attended timely then may rise other symptoms like anxiety and insomnia etc. According to Ayurveda, these symptoms are classified as having the Vatta dosha. If not treated properly then it starts stimulation in other Dosha. And very soon they also became unbalanced. And this makes you rush towards the Doctor.

 How do you ground yourself

 TThe solution to all these problems is to make your body grounding. According to scientific evidence given in favour of grounding walking barefoot on the earth for a period of half an hour is sufficient to gain momentum. Barefoot on the earth means on earth only, not on concrete or cemented roofs. You can walk in the garden, beach or any ground. Where it is not possible to come in direct contact with the earth, grounding equipment's are available. These are excellent ways to incorporate the benefits of grounding in life. You can use them in any form according to your convenience. They are available in the form of



        ankle bands


On the other hand, Yoga and chakra meditation give more emphasis on grounding your energies. Grounding also brings stability and balance to our life. We all walk and stand on the ground but if we stand on the ground with full awareness then it increases the stability of our Muladhara chakra. Here a simple exercise on how to stand on earth with full awareness. It is a wonderful exercise.


Standing exercise to increase the stability and balance in your life


1.     Stand up tall having as much distance in your leg as your hip width. Your both legs must be directly below your hips.

2.     Now feel your weight such that it may be distributed equally among your both legs.

3.     Now give attention to which parts you feel more weight whether on your toes or your heels. Some people put more pressure on their heels while some are on their toes. See what your tendency is.

4.     Gently rock forward and backward until you find that your center of balance is directly below the midpoint of your aches.

5.     Now feel that each part of your feet is supporting equal amount of weight. Feel the ball of each toe and make sure that they all touch the ground.

6.     Now feel your shin bone and pressurize the earth.

7.     Now while standing on earth with full awareness feel the gravity of the earth. Think of the qualities of the earth. Mother Earth is ready to accept everything that has been offered to him, think that your all extra energies are going to the Earth and you are drawing stability and strength from the Earth.

8.     Think that you have rooted yourself deep into the earth. You are drawing stability and strength from the earth.

 This exercise reconnects you to your Muladhara chakra which brings balance and stability in your life. Grounding is a very useful and important technique to make you healthy. It not only prevents you from diseases but also helps in eliminating them from life. If anyone is facing the issue as described above then he must give preference to grounding in his life.



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