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Grounding for Better Health

Grounding is very old Phenomena which needs extensive study and research in lime light of modern Science. There are lots of things which can be unfolded from this phenomena of grounding. Most of Grounding Knowledge and Research is available in Ancient Chakra and Yoga Literure. Recently I find a research and study on the grounding. It suggest that Grounding is very useful for many diseases including Heart disease, Inflammation and  Chronic pain. However this study does not elaborated about the benefits of grounding on mind and emotions. Here in this article we are more lean towards the benefits of grounding on mind and emotions. Grounding is so much essential and important that before doing any energy work it is essential to ground yourself. Some yoga expert gives so much importance to grounding that before doing any yoga, meditation etc they first perform the grounding of body. In the ungrounded position one invites many different types of problems. These are those problems which medical science does not termed as desiese. These are small changes in mood, behavior and attitude which creates problems in life and have no standard treatment available, like in ungrounded state one does not identify clearly the physical and emotional sensations of  agitation and fear, not able to think clearly and vividly, does not able to take decisions, Low concentration and not able to clearly understand others view. If these symptoms are not attended timely then it may rise other symptoms like anxiety and insomnia etc. According to Ayurveda these symptoms are classified as having the Vatta dosha. If not treated properly then it starts stimulation in other Dossa. And very soon they also became unbalance. And this makes you rush towards the Doctor.


Grounding Visualization

   The solution of all these problem is to make your body grounding. According to scientific evidence given in favour of grounding walking barefoot on the earth for a period of half an hour is sufficient to gain the momentum. Barefoot on the earth means on earth only, not on concrete or cemented roof. You can walk in garden, beach or any ground. On the other hand Yoga and chakra meditation gives more emphzise on Grounding visualization.

Grounding brings stability and balance in our is fact that some people are stronger in some parts of the body while weaker and relax in other parts. Balance means you overcome your weaknesses and bring strength in your week parts too.

This grounding technique is very easy and you can perform it anywhere while standing in queue waiting for some thing or in privacy of your room.

1. Stand up tall having as much distance in your leg as your hip   width. Your both legs must be directly below your hips.

2. Now feel your weight such that it may be distributed equally   among your both legs.

3. Now give attention on which parts you feel more weights   weather on your toes or on your heels. Some people give more   pressure on heels while some on their toes. Clearly see what   your tendency is.

4. Gently rock forward and backward until you find that your   center of balance is directly below the midpoint of your aches.

5. Now feel that each part of your feet are supporting equal   amount of weight. Feel the ball of each toes and make sure     that   they all touch the ground.

6.  Now feel your shin bone and pressurize the earth.

7. Now while standing on earth with full awareness feel gravity of the earth. Think of the qualities of earth. Mother earth is ready to accept everything which has been offered to him, think that your all extra energies are going to the earth and you are drawing stability and strength from the earth.

8. Think that you have rooted yourself deep into the earth. You are drawing stability and strength from the earth.


Grounding is very useful and important Phenomena. There are evidences that it may be useful in wide variety of problems. Problems as complex as Arthritis, Hearth problem, Insomnia and many more similar problems can be corrected with the help of this earthing.



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