Vishudhi Chakra or (Throat Chakra)

Vishudhi Chakra is the fifth chakra from the base or Muladhara charka and lies at the base of our throat therefore also known as Throat chakra. In Yoga and chakra philosophy it is interrelated to goddess of speech and shown as lotus having the 16 petals. All petals have their own biz mantra. ‘Ham’ is the seed sound of Vishudhi chakra. The Geometrical form representation of Vishudhi Chakra or Throat Chakra is shown below. At the center of the yantra is the white Elephant with seven trunks, popularly known as Arivatra and has the ability to move freely. Active and balance Vishudhi Chakra develops the positive emotions such as truthfulness and purity while negative emotions of Vishuddhi chakra are shyness and lying. Speaking is the basic activity of the chakra.

        Symbol of Vishudhi Chakra

Vishudhi chakra is the communication center of our subtle body. Language is the main tool for expression at the Vishudhi chakra. The active and balanced Vishudhi chakra develops excellent command over Grammar and Vocabulary. It produces attractiveness and authority in the voice. When our vishudhi chakra is active and balanced then our language is not only the combination of words and impressive grammar but it also contains the power of emotion, faith and conviction. When you listen to such person then very easily your heart starts capturing the different emotions hidden behind his words and language. The clarity of his language and truthfulness lies in the words has the power of magic to fascinate anyone.

Basically Vishudhi chakra lies in the subtle body, between heart and mind. All energy exchange between heart and mind, also passes through our Vishudhi chakra. If it is working properly then smooth energy exchange happens between heart and mind, and they both clearly understand each other. Thoughts, dreams and aspiration of mind are easily taken by the heart similarly feeling and emotions of heart are clearly understand by the mind. This produces a faith in our own self. A feeling of truthfulness and purity develops which can be directly reflected through our communication. Our voice, personality gain the power to influences anyone. On the other hand when there is energy barrier between both heart and mind then energy blocks in heart as well in mind. Our mind remains untouched from the hearts emotions and feeling. On the other hand the dreams, desires and aspirations which produces in the mind are blocked by the ineffective vishuddhi chakra and our heart cannot receive and understand them. In this way for the unbalance Vishudhi chakra our mind and heart both works but differently without understanding each other. This produces ineffective communication which is monotonous and effect nobody


Vishudhi Chakra effects our hearing capabilities too, active and balance Vishudhi chakra makes us good listener and increases our hearing power. It increase our hearing to such extend that we now try to understand others view and ideas and not only his words. This type of hearing power gives you undue advantage over others in communication. Now you can understand the matter which is under pursuance more clearly and vividly. This resulted in more advantageous to you and you can present your communication more effectively and attractively. You carry a magical power in your communication, which others love to hear. Hence it is almost essential to have our Vishudhhi chakra active and balance. Great Leaders, Teachers, Lawyers as well as Actors who have a hypnotic voice also have an energetic and balance Vishudhi Chakra.

Vishudhi chakras is of great importance to us and all of us must give special care to it.


Distortion of energy in Vishudhi chakra occurs in two ways either there is deficiency of energy or there is excess of energy in vishudhi chakra. When there is excess of energy in vishudhi chakra, then you waste your energy in gossip and useless things. A tendency develops to speak without thinking, listening and understanding, resulted in communication gap and wastage of energies. More over your voice is sharp, loud and have authority which irritates others and they try to avoid you. Deficiency of energy in Vishudhi chakra appears in lack of communication. You scare to describe your views, feelings and ideas to others. You avoid sharing yourselves in groups and feel timid to speak publically. Your vocabulary is limited, and do not have words to describe, this presents a communication which is confusing and incomplete. More over your voice may be too soft and slow. You always overreact to the loud sound.

Suppression of freedom of Speech and creativity usually resulted in the distortion of Vishudhi energy. Suppression creates a tension which negatively effects the chakra. It occurs when a child is forced to remain quite even he has something to say. Your feeling, thought and idea always meet a warning to roll back. You are forced to keep lies which forced you and confuses you. All these resulted in the distortion of the Vishudhi Chakra energy.


There are many meditations which can be used to balance the energy of Vishudhi chakra or Throat chakra.  Bhramari meditation is one of them. This meditation is so much powerful that it not only effects your throat chakra but it is very useful in other wide variety of problem.





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