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Introduction of the Blog

This is a spiritual blog and the information provided in this blog is very helpful for everyone. The main aim of this blog is to provide information and further scrutinize the different facts in ancient philosophies regarding the powers, which they said lies in the humans. Humans are a source of infinite energy having infinite powers too but still, some people live their lives in mediocrity while others are always on the brighter side of the picture. Special care has been taken to written or taken only scientific facts and be very scientific in the blog. Pageantry and such things are avoided in the blog and readers are also requested not to entertain such things. If anyone found such a thing in the blog kindly give their comment and mail us also. Most of the topics taken here are based on the secrets and mystery of spirituality and yoga. No direct link exists which defines them clearly. These topics are taken with almost care. There is no scientific proof of the existence of such things but still topics like magnetic eyes, magnetic power, and ESP are taken here. They are based on the facts given by masters of occult and their way of seeing people. We have seen people who have extraordinary power to influence other persons. Great leaders, actors, writers all are like a magnet and it seems that they have the attraction power lies in them. Their dressing sense, talking sense, body language, personality all give a clear indication that they have something extraordinary in them. It seems God has gifted some powers to them. But masters of occulters said that these all can be acquired. Attraction and magnetism in the personality can be developed. In this blog secret and ancient knowledge of occult, yoga, body chakra and meditation are given. Here it has been tried to explain them in the limelight of science. Occult and body chakras are two such controversial things, whose existence is always neglected by modern science. The authenticity of all the evidence which gives proof for their existence are never checked. Therefore these two ancient knowledge are more considered as philosophy. Here in this blog all the information is index and present to the reader so that they should check and utilize the knowledge for their own development.  
Introduction of the Blog Introduction of the Blog Reviewed by Devesh nath on January 05, 2020 Rating: 5

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